Sunday, April 18, 2004

New show turns horrible singers into 'Superstars'

The Associated Press

William Hung
Talent counts for nothing in Superstar USA, a new WB series that gives bad singers a shot at fame but doesn't let on they're being mocked in the process.

The seven-episode series, billed as a satire of talent contests, premieres May 17.

Producer Mike Fleiss, whose credits include Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire and The Bachelor, created the show.

"These people believe they're the next pop superstar, even though they're horrible singers," Fleiss told Daily Variety. He called the show "a bizarro version of American Idol."

When auditions were held in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, Fla., and Philadelphia, the best singers were told they weren't right for the show, the WB said.

A dozen "uniquely talented" performers were picked to get dance and singing lessons and the chance to compete for a "talent and recording deal" valued at $100,000.

The talent contest re-emerged as a hot TV genre with American Idol, which has been a ratings winner for Fox. It produced its own anti-star, William Hung, whose inept singing and dancing have gained him a measure of fame.

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