Thursday, April 29, 2004

More Friends predictions

Ross and Rachel:

• "In 10 years Ross, living in France with Emma and Rachel, will have been divorced once again from a girl he met at a paleontology conference. Finally, he decides that no one is more perfect for him than Rachel, and he begins to plan his fifth wedding. Vice president of Louis Vuitton, Rachel will be happily living in Paris and planning the wedding to the man she was meant for, Ross." - Mady Heldman, 14, Hyde Park

• "Rachel will move to Paris with Emma. She will not find happiness with any men she encounters. When Emma is about 5, Rachel and Ross will finally see that they have loved each other all along and will remarry. Rachel will become pregnant again with a boy and they will continue to live in Paris where Ross teaches at a local university." - Renee Roush, 32, Sardinia

• "Rachel and Ross will be married raising Emma in a New York apartment." - Pamela Gilliam, 36, Delhi Township

"Ross will live with Rachel and start teaching at another college near where they live."

- Emily Crabill, 15, Sycamore Township

• "Rachel/Ross/Emma will be one big happy family." Heather Brockman, 21, Burlington

• "Rachel, she'd probably get married, definitely not to Ross. I'd say there'd be another character that would come up. Ross will get a bigger job in the museum." - Dewey Ingle, 52, Felicity Ohio

Chandler and Monica

• "Chandler cheats on Monica with Janice twice and Joey once by mistake. Monica divorces Chandler and marries Richard (Tom Selleck). They move to Hawaii and start a detective agency." - Dave Rohman

"Monica and Chandler will adopt two children. They will meet the mother of the baby and learn there is an older sibling in foster care. Monica will go and see that child and fall in love. They will adopt both children so they can grow up together. Monica will also become unexpectedly pregnant with twins and defy the doctors with her and Chandler's miracle pregnancy. They will always have the family they so desperately wanted and the house in suburbia with Monica as the PTA mom and wife and Chandler the dad who commutes to the city." - Renee Roush

• "Monica and Chandler will still be married, because Chandler doesn't have a backbone to stand up to Monica, who will mellow out about her obsessive-type behavior after becoming a mother. Yes they really do love each other, so they'll endure all." - Lisa Caddell

• "Chandler and Monica will be great parents to the five children they adopt over the next 10 years." - Lisa Parker

• "Monica/Chandler will not only adopt but later will have a child of their own." - Heather Brockman


• "In 10 years Phoebe will be a masseuse at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. With three kids, Mike and Phoebe decide to move to the suburbs and enroll their kids in the same school as Monica and Chandler's kids." - Mady Heldman

• "Phoebe will get divorced and open her own herbal remedy and scientology shop. She will teach classes about chi and its significance for a happy life. Eventually she will see how lonely she is and decide to become artificially inseminated and have a daughter. She keeps Chandler and Monica's apartment and eventually buys the building." - Renee Roush

• "Phoebe and Mike will also still live in New York, raising their twin girls." - Pamela Gilliam

• "Phoebe will have another set of triplets and live a happy life singing 'Smelly Cat.' " - Heather Brockman


• "Joey moves to New Jersey and has an affair with Carmela Soprano. Tony finds out and pushes him down an elevator shaft. Life imitates art." - Dave Rohman

• "Joey will still be a soap opera star and will probably still be single." - Pamela Gilliam

• "Joey will audition for an off-Broadway play and be discovered. He will star in various Broadway productions and do tons of commercials. Eventually he opens his own acting school. He continues to live in his apartment and rents from Phoebe." - Renee Roush

• "Joey will never grow up. He will have success playing the role of a brainless playboy." - Lisa Caddell

• "Joey will make it big, but something big will happen. It will all stop. He also will find the women of his dreams and settle down." Heather Brockman

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