Thursday, April 29, 2004

Yo-Yo Ma will get 7 million viewers in live show

It's a TV show that lures about as many viewers as Sex and the City did - without the sex.

Up to 7 million people, on average, watch the public television series Live from Lincoln Center, which today (8 p.m., Channel 16) will feature cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra under Ton Koopman.

From the 1,100-seat Alice Tully Hall, Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in B flat major and Franz Joseph Haydn's Concerto in D major "will get to a TV box in North Dakota, in Wyoming, into living rooms across the country," says Ma. "This music is intimate and we're playing it in a fairly intimate hall, and the music will reach people in their living rooms."

The two concertos are on Ma's latest recording for Sony, one of about 50 albums that have earned him 15 Grammys.

A handful of Lincoln Center concerts air live each season, drawing as many as 7 million viewers every time.

For the Haydn concerto, one of classical music's warhorses, viewers can expect to hear something unique: Ma improvising the "cadenzas" - brief sections that in Haydn's time would allow a soloist to show off his prowess on an instrument, using themes from the piece without the orchestra.

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