Thursday, April 29, 2004

Fans won't forget their friends

Where will six characters be 10 years from now? Readers offer some creative predictions

By Lauren Bishop
The Cincinnati Enquirer

[IMAGE] Readers had some interesting ideas about the characters from "Friends"
(NBC photo)
Julie Bernzott is a huge Friends fan. She's been watching the show since it began in 10 years ago, has gotten real-life friends hooked on the sitcom and owns all seven seasons currently available on DVD.

"It's sort of an obsession, I guess you could say," says the 25-year-old Mount Lookout resident, who works as the outreach coordinator for Enjoy the Arts/START.

"It's going to be weird, I think, not having it on anymore because it's become such a staple of Thursday night TV."

Next Thursday, Bernzott and a lot of other people will mark the end of the Friends era at a party thrown by Enjoy the Arts/START from 5:30-9 p.m. at Neon's on 12th, 208 E. 12th St., Over-the-Rhine. She says organizers planned the event before they realized it fell on the same night as the show's last episode, so they decided to work it into the party with the help of the TVs at Neon's. Fans are welcome; $5 at door.

Everyone will find out how it all wraps up next week, but meanwhile, we wondered: If the show had gone on, where would the characters be in 10 years? Some fans weigh in:

"Rachel marries George Clooney and becomes the Friends first lady when George is elected president in 2012. Ross marries Carson from Queer Eye (for the Straight Guy). "

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- Dave Rohman, 44, Sharonville

"Rachel and Ross will get married, but will be divorced (within) 10 years. Ross needs someone more nerdy. Rachel will marry a movie star."

- Lisa Caddell, 41, Batavia

"They certainly can't continue the back-and-forth routine they have the last 10 years."

- Lisa Parker, 38, West Chester Township

"Ross will live with Rachel and start teaching at another college near where they live."

- Emily Crabill, 15, Sycamore Township

"With two kids, a boy and a girl, Monica will be struggling to lose the weight that she gained during her second pregnancy. Married to fat Monica, Chandler will be working hard at his advertising job." - Mady Heldman, 14, Hyde Park

"(They) will be the perfect yuppie couple with 2.2 kids and a beautiful suburban home."

- Pamela Gilliam, 36, Delhi Township

"Phoebe sells 'Smelly Cat' Cat Litter Co. to Procter & Gamble and moves to Vienna."

- Dave Rohman

"Phoebe and Mike will divorce. Mike might love her odd ways now, but (they) will wear thin over the next 10 years."

- Lisa Caddell

"Phoebe will be ... Phoebe but she'll be Phoebe, the coolest mom on the block!" - Lisa Parker

"After 10 years Joey will still be a single guy who is the star of a new TV show in Hollywood."

- Mady Heldman

"Joey will win the Soap Opera Digest award for 'Best middle aged hunk on daytime TV.'

- Lisa Parker

"Joey will give up on trying to act, because he can't, and he will become a food critic."

- Emily Crabill


Fans won't forget their friends
More 'Friends' predictions
Who doesn't watch 'Friends'?

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