Saturday, May 1, 2004

Fairfield's looking swell in classic 'Hello, Dolly!'

Cast is more than a match for upbeat musical

Katie Bruestle and Nathan Elam starred in Fairfield High School's production of Hello, Dolly!
The Cincinnati Enquirer/ERNEST COLEMAN
FAIRFIELD - Fairfield High School presented the classic musical Hello, Dolly! with energy and comedic flair.

Nathan Elam, as grumpy Horace Vandergelder, and Katie Bruestle, as bombastic Dolly Levi, showed fiery chemistry together. Tyler Parsons as Cornelius Hack and Steve Saylor as Barnaby Tucker received big laughs for their over-the-top facial expressions and silly scampering. They sang and danced well, particularly in "It Takes Elegance" with their respective love interests Irene (Emily Eaton) and Minnie Fay (Lindsay Flick).

The sound by Ryan Wooldridge and lights by Scott Hall complemented the show and were executed smoothly.

Betsy Holt, St. Xavier High School's Cappies team

EXCERPTS: These remarkable actors were decked out in just the right outfits. The costumes in this production were perfect for the time period and really helped set the mood of the show. The set was just as beautiful as the costumes.

Allison Muennich, Mount Notre Dame High School

The inner musings of characters were highlighted with light by a nice dimming effect. The stage crew also did a nice job making scene changes smoothly and quickly, even cleverly rotating a hat shop mid-scene.

Katie French, Cincinnati Country Day School

Tyler Parsons and Steve Saylor delighted the audience with their interpretation of the musical number "Dancing," full of kicks, hops and laughable lines.

Amanda Humphries, Cincinnati Christian School

The amazing voice of Emily Eaton and the zest of Lindsay Flick made for impressive characters.

Tony Bianco, Elder High School

Everything from the way he walked to the gruffness in his voice fit Nathan Elam's part of the stubborn, rich old man wonderfully.

Emily Castle, Campbell County High School

Although the company was large, the stage never seemed clogged. Each move was sharp and precise. Molly Reigers,

Sycamore High School

Katie Bruestle's smooth, high-pitched speaking voice and overly graceful gestures added affected elegance to the otherwise bold, brassy character.

Jonathan Bell, St. Xavier High School

The orchestra sounded professional, and provided a solid foundation for the actors.

Jimmy England, St. Xavier High School

Adrienne Unklesbay as Ernestina had comedic timing with her expressions and her eagerness. Valerie Gerlock as Mrs. Rose created a memorable character even though she only had a few lines.

Jessica Whitcomb-Trance, Cincinnati Christian School

The Greater Cincinnati chapter of Cappies, or Critics and Awards Program, is in its third season, with students writing reviews ofother high schools' productions. Today, Fairfield's Hello, Dolly! For more information and show schedules, see

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