Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Letters to the editor

Flying Pig great, fans even better

I wanted to thank all the people who braved the rain, wind and cold to root on the runners during the Flying Pig Marathon. We were greeted at every turn in every neighborhood with an encouraging cheer. The main topic of conversation from the runners was that it was a great race with even better fans.

Jack Gray, Fort Thomas


Dead in Iraq pale next to other causes

While we are all saddened by the deaths in Iraq, we must keep in perspective the cause we are fighting for, and the number of other deaths each year in the United States. Auto accidents account for 40,000; falls, 15,000; poison, 9,000; and other accidents (drowning, fires, choking), another 11,000. Then we have 18,000 murders, 30,000 suicides and untold abortions. In Vietnam, more than 50,000 U.S. troops were killed.

Again, the nearly 800 deaths in Iraq are truly a loss, but this is not a Vietnam, nor a tragedy worthy of all the hand-wringing.

Daniel Bloomfield, Loveland


We're all co-conspirators in oil mess

I agree with the letter writer who wrote "Exxon Valdez spill still doing damage" (May 2), which criticizes an earlier letter writer ("We can't worry about every little mess," April 29), who believes nature will cleanse itself. Anyone who believes oil spills are no problem to natural habitats is obviously foolish, but we as a nation forget the main point.

We are all hypocrites when we continue to build cities around our automobiles. Our lack of transportation choices and walking environments leads to our dependency on oil. Our dependency is the reason that this is happening, not the captain of the oil tanker nor the oil company, nor the fool who condones this mess.

Chris McDowell, Hyde Park


Yes, let's have fun with the cicadas

There may be a few people who don't like the Enquirer's coverage of the pending cicada invasion, but I'm not one of them. Thank you for all your articles, updates and contests. Thanks especially to editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman. His cartoons on the subject have been phenomenal, and we are so lucky to have such a treasure.

Just like the escaped cow, our invasion will be closely monitored by a second-grade class in Chapel Hill, N.C., as well as a whole group of bank employees in Charlotte, N.C., since I send all the articles to my sisters.

Cincinnati may have its problems, but if we lose our sense of humor and can't poke fun at ourselves, we're doomed. Keep up the great job.

Mary Kay Doyle, Newtown


Many Bengals games air on networks

The April 27 letter writer ("Air some Reds, Bengals on networks") who said local pro sports teams have too many games restricted to cable TV is misinformed about the NFL and the Bengals.

Except for one Sunday evening game per week on ESPN, all National Football League broadcasts are handled by a national, non-cable network - CBS, Fox or ABC. (By NFL rule, Bengals home games that don't sell out are not aired by any television broadcaster in Greater Cincinnati.) Even with respect to the Sunday night ESPN game, a non-cable station in the participating teams' markets is allowed to do a simulcast.

Also, Bengals pre-season games air on WKRC, Channel 12. We hope this sets the record straight.

Jack Brennan, Public relations director, Cincinnati Bengals

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