Saturday, May 8, 2004

Feese disgusted by crash

He will have to start near back of pack in today's race

By Dustin Dow
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Feese crashes
SPARTA, Ky. - Hendrick Motorsports driver Blake Feese appeared to have a chance to compete for the pole position in today's ARCA RE/MAX Channel 5-205.

Coming off his win April 9 in Nashville, Feese turned in the second-fastest times in both practices at Kentucky Speedway on Friday.

Feese will have to start near the back, however, because he crashed his No. 5 car into the Turn 4 wall during qualifying. Feese's team owner Billy Gerhart is third in the owner points standings, which allowed Feese to earn the first provisional spot in the field, which is in 33rd place.

In testing at Kentucky April 26, Feese, a 22-year-old rookie who is racing in just his second ARCA race, admitted he's still learning a lot about stock cars. Friday, he was clearly disgusted with the crash and said only, "It just slipped away from me."

STARTING OFF WELL: With just one start this season, Ken Weavercame into Friday's qualifying in 57th place, but earned the third spot in the field with a 168.266 average speed.

A crew changeover and significant alterations to his No. 75 car has Weaver confident this season can be better than last year when his best finish was ninth. It already seems to be working in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series where Weaver is in 37th place after two starts.

"Last year, it was a nightmare to drive," Weaver said. "There was no balance at all with the car. This is year is a pleasure. We're starting to step it up a bit.'

LIFE FLIGHT: ASA driver Doug Stevens crashed during qualifying for Friday's BFGoodrich 125 and was air lifted to the University of Kentucky medical center. His injuries were not life threatening.

ARCA driver Evan Jackson was also transported to the hospital after a qualifying incident. He was listed as conscious and alert.


Lineup for tonight's Channel 5-205 (car number in parenthesis)

1 (46) Frank Kimmel, Ford, 170.336
2 (64) Ryan Hemphill, Dodge, 169.918
3 (75) Ken Weaver, Chevrolet, 168.266
4 (3) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, 167.551
5 (41) Josh Clemons, Ford, 167.043
6 (91) Christi Passmore, Ford, 166.883
7 (44) Brent Sherman, Ford, 166.595
8 (21) Todd Bowsher, Ford, 166.497
9 (9) Matt Hagans, Dodge, 166.343
10 (35) Wayne Anderson, Chevrolet, 166.246
11 (25) Billy Venturini, Chevrolet, 166.225
12 (29) Brian Keselowski, Dodge, 166.031
13 (95) David Ragan, Ford, 165.705
14 (67) Jason Jarrett, Chevrolet, 165.685
15 (59) Mark Gibson, Chevrolet, 165.624
16 (65) Vern Slagh, Dodge, 164.906
17 (11) A.J. Fike, Pontiac, 164.855
18 (1) Brandon Knupp, Ford, 164.574
19 (56) Brad Keselowski, Chevrolet, 164.254
20 (19) Keith Murt, Chevrolet, 162.729
21 (60) Jeff Kendall, Pontiac, 162.621
22 (23) Ron Cox, Chevrolet, 162.533
23 (30) Howard Bixman, Ford, 161.098
24 (08) T.J. Bell, Chevrolet, 160.997
25 (28) Mike Buckley, Chevrolet, 158.805
26 (54) Frank Kapfhammer, Chevrolet, 157.618
27 (84) Norm Benning, Chevrolet, 156.913
28 (34) Darrell Basham, Chevrolet, 156.913
29 (05) Mike Burg, Chevrolet, 155.378
30 (38) Mark Schulz, Pontiac, 149.804
31 (79) Tim Turner, Pontiac, 147.227
32 (48) Carl McCormick, Ford, 142.064
33 (5) Blake Feese, Chevrolet, Provisional
34 (7) Jeff Caudell, Chevrolet, Provisional
35 (26) Brad Smith, Ford, Provisional
36 (06) Wayne Peterson, Chevrolet, Provisional
37 (2) Aaron Call, Chevrolet, Provisional
38 (8) Todd Antrican, Chevrolet, Provisional
39 (77) Evan Jackson, Dodge, Provisional
40 (4) Andy Belmont, Ford, Provisional
41 (0) Tim Mitchell, Chevrolet, Provisional



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