Sunday, May 9, 2004

Letters to the editor

President showed honest emotion

Bush hugging Ashley Faulkner at a Lebanon campaign stop on Tuesday.
(File photo)
As I viewed the picture of President Bush embracing Ashley Faulkner, whose mother was killed in the 9-11 tragedy ( May 5),I felt proud of my president.

This pride was not based on the high level of the office and the noble ends it seeks, but more on an emotional level.

I saw Bush in pain... real pain. I admired him incredibly for that. In that picture, he become an ordinary American citizen again like all of us.

This is the pain we all feel deep down when we look at the world today.

PS. I am Kerry supporter.

Mark Sweeney, Mount Washington


9-11 no excuse for acting like animals

The suggestion that preventing another 9-11 justifies, or can be used to explain, the sexual abuse of Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib is outrageous. Nothing can justify our military and intelligence communities' depraved behavior in this case.

If we allow the actions of terrorists to reduce us to this animalistic level, we might as well skip the "war on terror," because the terrorists have already won.

Anne Bowling, Batavia


Photos can be useful to anti-war crowd

I was so proud of our military. Now I am sick at heart of reading about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American captors. This is absolutely inexcusable, both on the part of those who perpetrated the atrocities, but on the part of those who allowed such outrages. Not to mention the stupidity of failing to see the damage that news of this and leaks of the photographs would produce in the world.

George A. Blair, North Avondale


Column about paranoia was right on

In regard to the "Your voice" column "Welcome to our paranoid world" (May 7) by Eric McDaniel, he missed his calling. He should have been a journalist. His column was dead on. I've often wondered about the culture of fear that has mushroomed in this country. Is it the "fear sells" attitude of our media, especially the television news? Is it the market that preys on our fear for profit, ever seen those ads on TV for home security systems? Or is it an attempt by some unnamed governmental group to control the population by scaring everyone? (Bush's ads certainly seem pretty scary to me.)

I don't know why this attitude has grown to such extremes. All I do know is it has caused trusting little old ladies to be scared to death in their homes. The rest of us are just depressed. Maybe that explains the popularity of Prozac and Lexapro and Effexor and ... well, the list goes on.

Jill Dew, Ryland Heights


Ky. school flushing stunt degrading

The May 1 of the Kentucky Enquirer carried the disturbing photograph of the principal of Lincoln Elementary being "drenched with water from a toilet . . ." This degrading stunt was staged to make students "Flushed with excitement" to take the proficiency test. The stunt was wrong and the principal should suffer the appropriate consequence.

Academic achievement is a good and noble goal. Professional educators hold a significant and serious responsibility to inspire student to appreciate and enjoy intellectual development as a cornerstone of humanity. The school principal must lead this endeavor.

Steven Trumbo, Alexandria


Perhaps car emissions not the problem

Regarding air pollution and automobile E-check, do you think it is beyond our decision makers to figure out that we have had E-check for some years now, and we still have this bad air? Maybe it's not the cars that are responsible.

Thomas W. McDonough, West Chester Township

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