Sunday, May 9, 2004

More cicada limericks

Beneath my feet the cicadas crunch
Nothing I would care to munch
But am I tempted to try ’em?
Maybe flour and fry ’em?
No, I’ll choose something else for lunch

Jackie Marconet


Oh, the cicada it was
Who came in with a horrible buzz
But the weeks went by
And away it did fly
Then disappeared which is what a cicada does

Marlene Waggal
Delhi Township


Did you know the cicada named Larry?
He crawled out of the earth just to marry
He sang his love song
But something was wrong
’ Twas his requiem he sang – so long, Larry

Mickey Schneider
Highland Heights


The cicadas are coming in millions
Excuse me, I meant by the billions
Late May is the date
When they’ll come out and mate
Next time they’ll come by the trillions

Tom Ratliff


There once was a bug named Ray
Who was a cicada, they say
No matter the name
He’s a bug just the same
Would I want to eat him? No way!

Libby Sullivan
West Chester Township


I salute the noisy cicada
Whose return is based on past data
How many appear
Each 17th year?
Do we know, or is it pro-rata?

James Peterson


I moved to Cincy from Nantucket
In the year that by my luck it
Was time for cicadas
So I put on my waders
And I walk with my head in a bucket

J. William Lowry


This plague, it lives in the ground,
Apparently all over town
It may come to pass
They’ll swarm us en masse
And usurp the Queen City’s crown

Chris Reed
Symmes Township


My favorite food is cicadas
I make them into fajitas
I cut off their head
Put the rest on the bread
And add onions, peppers and tomatoes

Gregory Saylor


After many long years in the ground,
Cicadas will soon be abound
With a cry that is shrill,
An entomological thrill,
Then just ‘crunchies’ all over the ground

Carla Richards
Price Hill


There once was a city: Porkopolis,
Which grew into a mighty metropolis.
But then the bugs came,
Cicadas by name
And piled up, all on top of us.

Rory Banziger


There once was a cicada named Sadie,
Whose morals were jaded and shady,
She sat on a limb,
Created a din,
And drove all the cicada boys crazy

Richard Koebbe
Anderson Township


There once was a cicada named Mitch
Who came out of the ground to get hitched
He found the wrong bug
He gave her a hug
And how that mosquito made him itch!

Sara Ashcraft, age 9


The deadline is quickly approaching
On my young trees they’ll soon be encroaching
They say you can eat ’em
I guess I can’t beat ’em
So with my two eggs they’ll be poaching

Judy L. Toebben


There was a cicada named Zife
Who waited 17 years for a wife
He knew there was no doubt
That after they made out
He would pay for it with his life.

Frank Beach


Cicadas are a big noisy bunch
When fried they’re a light tasty lunch
But if I had my druthers
I’d stomp all those brothers
And enjoy that big juicy crunch

Mary H. Gibson


A cicada has eyes that are red
That bulge from the sides of its head
Each seventeen years
Its buzz in my ears
Is so loud I can’t hear what you said.

Claudia Allen


A wedding was scheduled for June
Outdoors – with plenty of room
That day it was sunny
But things sure did turn funny
When cicadas flew off with the groom

Julie Potluri


There came a cicada named Hunch
Who flew with his buddy called Crunch
They were both a bit hazy
With appetites that went crazy
When they ate my peach tree for lunch

Michael J. Matre


If there is anything worse I don’t know,
Than a cicada at full vibrato
Piercing the night
Rousing a fright
And off-key, a half-note below

Lee Tougas


Have you ever eaten cicada
With spices and sauce of tomata?
For me, if you please,
Just serve them with cheese,
For I like cicada alfreda

Ron Harper


The cicadas are coming to town
This fact is getting me down
When it’s time to out
I know I will pout
My ears just can’t handle the sound

Joan Reich


I’m starting to get a suspicion
That we need to sign a petition
To send the cicader
Straight to the equator
And do it with some expedition

Keith Powers


The cicadas emerged from the ground
Air pollution is what they all found
They took to the sky
And I think I know why
E-check is just a big lie

Doug Evans
Delhi Township


A little cicada named Nate
Said, “I need to find me a mate!
After seventeen years,
It’s time for some cheer ...
And I hear that it really is great!”

Barbara H. Ford
Walnut Hills


You’d think the end of the world was near
With all the drama and panic and fear
Well, I’m not scared at all
Of their red eyes or loud call
What was that? Aghhhh! Take cover! They’re here!

John Kraimer
Liberty Township

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