Monday, May 10, 2004

Design a fitness framework

Plan carefully to ensure results

By Dave Patania
Enquirer contributor

In response to the overwhelming number of letters, e-mails and calls with questions on how to get fit this spring and summer, I am giving you a "Fitness Wake-Up Call" today with basic information.

A successful fitness routine should be rooted in the basics. It should be simple, straightforward and based on a system that is built on a realistic assessment of your physical condition, schedule and level of commitment. When you take the time to assess yourself, you will have both a physical and mental framework that will help you design a format tailored specifically for you and your current level of conditioning and/or ability.

You wouldn't go into the doctor's office and say, "Hey, doc, I have a headache" and then let him perform brain surgery on you without first getting a full examination, diagnosis and careful plan of action. The same is true for determining a successful routine of fitness that will last a lifetime.

Consistent testing and monitoring of your routine will save you time and money because there will be no wasted products or activities you don't need for your specific situation. Too many people start one program, then move on to the next thing that is in fashion. Break this cycle.

After the go-ahead from your doctor, use a reputable fitness facility, get a complete fitness assessment, and have a fitness professional design a program that has your needs, schedule and current abilities woven into it. This assessment will also help you determine what mode of exercise is best for you.

With such a personal program, you will improve week after week as long as your nutritional and exercise habits are consistent.

Results gained from a carefully planned program have been proven to last; you will build a foundation of fitness that will not fail you.

Make this spring and summer the one you remember as your lifetime turning point.


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