97X farewell
Last Monday morning, in the one-story building near Miami University's Oxford campus that houses WOXY-FM (97.7), it seemed like business as usual.
ONLINE EXTRA: More 97X memories

Cicadas, it turns out, inspire artists
If you're like me, you'd rather look at cicada art than be bombarded by 5 billion of the insects.

Fringe benefits for Cincinnati
You need more than a $10 ticket for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You need running shoes - and a sense of adventure.
Plan to divide Fringe Festival by five
Columbus troupes enter the Fringe

Jammin' on Main's main attractions
The 10th annual Pepsi Jammin' on Main is all about options. Classic rock? You got it. Singer-songwriters? Plenty of them. The clang of heavy metal? All over the place. And more, more, more.

Home Style: Picture This
Landscapers are using photo imaging computer software to give their clients a peek at what their homes could look like.

Summer movie season heats up with hot stars, cool sequels
Starting next week, a smorgasbord of summer flicks will start rolling out for the 2004 summer movie season, boasting everything from superhero sensations to serious cinema.
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Cicada watch
The 17-year wait for the oversized insects is almost over. Visit our special section for cicada sounds, areas they are appearing, even recipes to cook the tasty critters.
Relieve that stress! Swat a bug

Want to get listed in the Festival guide?
On June 6, The Enquirer will publish a guide to summer festivals (June through Labor Day weekend): arts festivals, food festivals, church festivals. Want yours listed?

Hey you in the cap and gown!
You have either just finished high school or you've spent (at least) four years of your life and a sizeable chunk of your parents' money on college. Take a few minutes to take our survey. We'll compile the responses and let the rest of the world know what you think.

Summer festivals guide
On June 6, The Enquirer will publish a guide to summer festivals. Want yours listed? Send us the following details before May 14.

Join Same Page book discussion
We're looking for Crossing the River readers to join an On the Same Page discussion group with a facilitator from the public library.

Summer camp guide
Cincinnati's 2004 summer camp lineup offers children of all ages everything from learning a foreign language, to taking a trip back in history to the pioneer days or to the future of space exploration.

Get to it! A guide to help make your day.
TV Best Bets

NBC quickly drops rural reality show
No sooner did word get out that NBC was planning a reality show about an Appalachian family in Beverly Hills than the network announced it has scuttled the idea.

Oh, Rob! Has it been 40 years?
LOS ANGELES - When Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Carl Reiner and Rose Marie got together for a reunion of The Dick Van Dyke Show, it was as if 40 years hadn't passed.

'Van Helsing' gets monster numbers
LOS ANGELES - Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein stomped the Olsen twins in the first major box-office contest of the summer season.

Germs stack up on desks, keyboards
A newly released study claims office workers are exposed to more germs from their phones and keyboards than would be found crawling on a toilet seat. A lot more.
Body & Mind

Design a fitness framework
In response to the overwhelming number of letters, e-mails and calls with questions on how to get fit this spring and summer, I am giving you a "Fitness Wake-Up Call" today with basic information.

Join one of our new reader panels
Wanted: Folks who like to talk about themselves and aren't afraid to share details of their lives, from what's bugging them to what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Get real advice from a regular guy
Answers to your burning questions about relationships, getting ahead, life's little mysteries and the world in general - introducing "Dear Doug."

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Special section: Legacy of the Popes
Saturday, Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes opens at Cincinnati Museum Center with 350 works from the Holy See.

Hahn S P E C I A L   R E P O R T:   E X T R E M E   C H O I C E S
Suffering children, desperate parents
Thousands of parents with severely ill children face decisions most of us cannot imagine, as cash-strapped states are slashing Medicaid and cutting off families who desperately need help. This series examines those extreme choices and the families who are making them.

Jewel of art, architecture repolished
The Taft Museum of Art is at the height of a $19 million makeover which will double the size of the museum, clean up centuries of grime and fix a few decorating disasters.
How the house changed

Readers share memories of flight
In honor of the 100th anniversary of flight, we asked readers to share their own memories of flying. Hundreds of folks did. Here are some of our favorites.
ONLINE EXTRA: More responses not included in print edition

Technology news
Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Women of the Year
The Enquirer honors 10 Tristaters for their service to their community. The newspaper has recognized women of distinction annually since 1968.

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