Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Know any good pick-up lines?

By Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Brood X has had 17 years to think about it, but Denise Bartick still thinks some of these 5 billion cicadas might need a little help coming up with a serviceable pick-up line.

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Bartick, CEO of Max Technical Training, which specializes in high-level tech training for businesses and individuals, is throwing a Great Cicada Pick-up Line competition.

What she's looking for are pick-up lines that would make a reluctant cicada, you know, get romantic with another cicada. Prizes - for the humans, we mean; the cicadas get their prize when they use your line - will be awarded for most original, most romantic and most convincing under tight time constraints.

"We're doing this because the faster they mate, the sooner they leave," Bartick said. "And anyway, people are all the time too serious. We're just trying to have a little fun."

Submit entries and get more details at www.maxtrain.com.

All entries will be posted on the Web site; there's no deadline for entries, but hurry, the cicada season won't last forever.

Winners will be announced June 30. Grand prize is a high-tech Scott Vest Version 3.0, the same piece of apparel Secret Service agents wear to manage all the electronics they carry. It has 12 pockets with the ability to wire your own personal network. Other prizes include cicada T-shirts and hats.


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