Sunday, May 23, 2004

Cicaca limerick contest winners

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This week's winners


What good are cicadas to you and me?
They make screeching noises incessantly
They fly everywhere
And get in your hair
But at least they are Atkins-friendly

Robert Ashe
Delhi Township


A plate-a cicadas just stare at us
My dad is so mad he could swear at us
I said, "I would eat mine
If it tastes like Skyline,
But, yuck, it just tastes like asparagus."

John Bunyan
Blue Ash


There was a cicada named Mears
Whose forte was drinking cold beers
With eyes bloodshot red
And a buzz in his head
His hangover lasted 17 years

Mark Sebald


There once was a girl named Hope
Who wasn't sure she could cope
With cicadas a-flying,
Cicadas a-crying
Go outside? - nope, not a hope!

Stephanie Schrimpf Thomson
Pleasant Ridge


There once was a cicada named Trevor
Who thought his solos quite clever
But he had a short gig
Up there on his twig
'Cause his life the Grim Reaper did sever

Denise Danielsson
Pleasant Ridge


There once was a toddler named Doug
Who picked up a sharp stick and dug.
His mom turned around
At a gross, gagging sound
And heard: "Ma! I sick! Ate a bug!"

Ellen Curtin
Fort Thomas


A cicada who lived in the ground
Came up face-to-face with a hound.
He plunged in, not without
A loud parting shout
" Forget it, I'm going back down!"

Alex Sturbaum


I was afraid on cicadas I'd dine
So I went where I thought I'd be fine
But then with a crunch
I ate one for lunch
On the new four-way from Skyline

Laura Kalb
St. Bernard


Old and tired and bored to tears
Joints working like rusty gears
I wish I was a cicader
I can't think of anything greater
Than to rest for seventeen years

Wilma Herrick
Crescent Springs

More news of cicadas, I dread.
There's more in the paper instead.
There's comics and sports
And news of all sorts.
I'll be glad when those buggers are dead

F. Jay Ach


Seventeen years of Chem-lawn for food
Those grubby lil' buggers have chewed
You'd think giant cicadas
Would soon come invade us
But instead it's just the same old brood

Robert A. Jonas

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