Monday, May 24, 2004

It's a generational thing

GI Generation

1901-26. Their Depression was the Great One, and their war was the Big One. Assertive, energetic team players. Members: Joe DiMaggio, John F. Kennedy and Judy Garland.

Silent Generation

1927-45. Cautious, unimaginative and withdrawn, they grew up in a time of conformity. They needed a cause. Jim Henson, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin.

Baby boomers

1946-64. Nurtured by their parents, they grew up believing anything was possible. They're idealistic and not done changing the world. Al Gore and Steven Spielberg.

Generation Jones

1954-64. Boomer subset. Missed out on revolutionary 1960s and want to make their mark. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates.

Generation X

1965-81. Sometimes called Thirteeners. Latchkey kids who grew up smart but isolated. Entrepreneurial, independent, savvy. Uma Thurman, Beyonce Knowles. Vin Diesel.


1982-present. Optimistic, focused, nurtured by ever-present parents. Schedule everything, feel pressured by time. Prince William, Kirsten Dunst and LeBron James.

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It's a generational thing
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