Chorus honors director with luminous premiere
The hard-working May Festival Chorus was center-stage Sunday for the third consecutive evening, this time for an intimate choral experience in the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington.
Voigt owns Wagner role
Laughter is music to the maestro's ears
May Festival's opera evening a stunner

40 & booming
In 1964, about 4 million infants were born in the United States. States, the last of the baby boomers. They're the tail end of a generation that spans 19 years and includes 80 million Americans. Who are they really?
It's a generational thing
Life lessons learned by 40

Cicada watch
The 17-year wait for the oversized insects is almost over. Visit our special section for cicada sounds, areas they are appearing, even recipes to cook the tasty critters.
Latest cicada photos:
Lakeside Park, Ky.
New reader photos

Summer camp guide
Cincinnati's 2004 summer camp lineup offers children of all ages everything from learning a foreign language, to taking a trip back in history to the pioneer days or to the future of space exploration.

Get to it!
A guide to help make your day.
TV's best bets
Daytime Emmy Award caps DeGeneres' comeback
If Ellen DeGeneres is carrying heavy baggage these days, it's only because she's stuffed it with Emmys.
Reality shows get the last laugh
The first new fall series that ABC showed off last week was Wife Swap, a family-friendly show involving real-life moms trading homes for two weeks and inexplicably given a 10 p.m. time slot, after kids have gone to bed.
Animated 'Shrek 2' tops 'Nemo' debut weekend
It's a humongous "happily ever after" for Shrek 2.

'Genie' workout grants your wish
One of the questions I am most often asked is "What is the best exercise to shape and tone the lower body?"
Infomercials promise the impossible
Recently, I watched an infomercial about resistance exercise equipment that taxes your muscles by pitting them against rubber cables.
Body & Mind

'Harry' gets rock-star reception
The boy wizard of Harry Potter is growing up - and so are his fans, many of whom have replaced their capes and wands with declarations of undying love.
The 'P' stands for politics
Fresh from his Broadway debut in A Raisin in the Sun, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is heading back to MTV. Only this time, the hip-hop impresario plans to get political.
'Idol' finalist planning first album
American Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo says she already feels like a winner.
Join one of our new reader panels
Wanted: Folks who like to talk about themselves and aren't afraid to share details of their lives, from what's bugging them to what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Get real advice from a regular guy
Answers to your burning questions about relationships, getting ahead, life's little mysteries and the world in general - introducing "Dear Doug."

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Suffering children, desperate parents
Thousands of parents with severely ill children face decisions most of us cannot imagine, as cash-strapped states are slashing Medicaid and cutting off families who desperately need help. This series examines those extreme choices and the families who are making them.

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