Thursday, May 27, 2004

His wedding wish comes true - twice

Good Things Happening

Allen Howard

Fred Caldwell Sr. has gained two friends while helping a father plan a surprise for his son's wedding.

The beginning of the story and new relationship had more drama than the end.

First, William Holiday, known as "Wild Bill" around Newport Beach, Calif., wanted to surprise his son, Bill Carpenter, and his fiancee, Kimberly Parrott of Ludlow, by renting a two-seat luxury Dodge Viper, a passion of his son, for their wedding on Saturday.

But Holiday couldn't find a car rental company that rented the Viper. He didn't give up easily. He called the American Viper Club and found a club member - Caldwell in Northern Kentucky.

Bill Carpenter (rear passenger) had a two-Viper wedding courtesy of his father, William Holiday (front passenger) and car owners Jeff Landrum (rear) and Fred Caldwell.
"I didn't even know this Holiday fellow, but after talking with him I was impressed with his persistence and liked the idea of the surprise," Caldwell said.

So the plot began, Holiday and Caldwell became friends by telephone and had planned to show up at the wedding in the Viper.

A little problem developed. When Carpenter went to the Extended Stay America hotel in Covington on Friday, he was told his father had not arrived. As Carpenter walked across the parking lot, he saw two gentlemen standing by a Viper. Sure enough, it was his father and Caldwell.

Well, the surprise ending is that they had two Vipers at the wedding - one owned by Caldwell and another owned by Jeff Landrum, also recruited by Caldwell.

"We took (Carpenter) on a ride and explained what the surprise was supposed to be," Caldwell said. "I am glad I was a part of it."

Carpenter and Parrott are honeymooning in Mexico.

A year in Germany

Amber Jolley, 16, a student at Sycamore High School, will serve as a youth ambassador while studying in Germany for a year.

Amber was awarded the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship, which covers a year of study in Germany.

She was selected by the American Field Service Intercultural Programs, a worldwide nonprofit high school student exchange organization.

Amber will live with a German family, attend high school and participate in community activities. The scholarship program is sponsored by the U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag. It is designed to strengthen the U.S.-German relationship through ties of friendship and understanding.

Before going to Germany, Amber will participate in a diplomacy workshop in Washington organized by the U.S. Department of State. Besides interacting with her community in Germany, she will also participate in special events, such as receptions and meetings with German and American government officials and cultural and touring activities.

American Field Service has programs in 42 countries for high school students and special programs for graduates 18-24.

For more information, call (800) 237-4636 or go online at

Acts of Kindness

The General Electric Foundation, the philanthropic arm of GE, will award $116,500 in scholarships Friday at its Student and Teacher Achievement and Recognition celebration.

The grants will be presented to 38 students who are sons and daughters of GE Transportation employees. The ceremony will take place at the GE Transportation Building, Evendale.

Winners are Kathleen Albers, Danielle Meyer and Shannon Quinn, Mount Notre Dame; Jill Ausdenmoore and Heather Kramek, Lakota East; Tim Buttrill and Stacy Link, Lakota West; Anar Patel and Monica Foley, Princeton; Bo Pang, Beavercreek; Melanie Cole, Edgewood; Amanda Pineo and Rachel Wang, Sycamore; Chelsea Crawford, Marcus Pryor II, Elizabeth Kern and Dalton Shroyer, Wyoming.

Also, Allyson Covington, Rising Sun; Laura Dickman, McAuley; Charles Ruehr and Ajay Kumar, St. Xavier; Christopher Rasch and Casey Snyder, Fairfield; Christina Durccholz, Ursuline Academy; Stephanie Rowe, Clare Zlatic and Tracy Kemme, Roger Bacon; Christopher Hartmann, Little Miami; Anita Goel and Ann Tuddenham, Indian Hill; Ann Shikany, St Ursula; Brandon Hellemann, Lebanon; Benjamin Simpson and Katherine Menzies, Seven Hills.

Also, Jason Juang and Amanda Tholke, Cincinnati Country Day; Christopher Killoran, Moeller; and Callida Williams, Waverly City.

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