Sunday, May 30, 2004

More cicada limericks

There once were some bugs from Grenada,
An army of emerging cicada;
When they turned seventeen
They longed to be seen
So to Cincy they marched to invade-a.

Tess Hannah

A cicada’s a neat little bug.
It crawls out of a hole that it dug.
It’s shell stays in place
When it grows a new face,
But it’s still got a horrible mug!

Wayne Craig

With eyes of glistening red
Black hide from tail to head
He sings and sings
Flaps orange wings
When seventeen years have fled.

Melinda Christian

A Cicada kept buzzing my ears
The noise nearly drove to me to tears
So I swatted him down
He looked up with a frown
And said, "I’ll get you in 17 years.

Tony Favachio

Two cicadas named Bessie and Boots
Could play their hind legs like some flutes
On a limb they went kissin’
And found what they’d been missin’
For seventeen years by the roots

Scott Ledyard

A cicada from deep in the ground
decided to start hanging ’round.
In my mind I was wishin’
about going fishin’
now the trout is just about browned

Bruce Denlinger

Some cicadas get into your plants
Others get into your underpants
They upset your mother
She says, “Oh brother”
These cicadas are worse than ants
Kevin Clancy, age 11

There once was a cicada named Chris
Who wanted his six weeks of bliss
While emerging from down under
Came the lightening and thunder
He got zapped before getting a kiss.

Gene Landrum
Highland Heights

News Flash! Here comes male cicada.
His only thought is to mate her.
They start out by dating,
Then they start mating.
More detail... seventeen years later.

Diane McConocha
Hyde Park

The songs of cicadas are wild
When I last heard them I was a child
As I walked the ground would crunch
And I’d eat them for my lunch
But their flavor today is rather mild

Angie Tucker

The cicadas are coming! Oh, poor us!
By the billions they gather before us.
With the noise that they bring
They can almost out-sing
Cincinnati’s May Festival Chorus.

Don Baker

There once was a bug underground
Who for seventeen years wasn’t found
He came up in May
Just wanting to play
But was eaten that day by a hound

Lisa Allen, age 14

The cicadas came out of their slumber
The people they surely outnumber
When I drove my car south
One flew into my mouth
He must have just thought I was lumber

Marcy Allen, age 14

There was a cicada named Chuck.
His tymbals he often did pluck.
He found a nice lady
whose name was Katie.
Together they got hit by a truck.

Sam Flick

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