Thursday, June 3, 2004

News briefs

Classes can help if disaster strikes

Community Emergency Response Team training is being offered by the Cincinnati Area Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Cincinnati Fire Department to teach citizens to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors in case a disaster strikes, delaying trained emergency responders. The two-day class begins June 16. To register, call the American Red Cross, 579-3009.

Get cicada goop off windshields

You just pulled in the driveway after surviving Attack of the Cicadas on the road. Now how do you clean the remains off your windshield? Bob Young, owner of Clough Car Wash in Cherry Grove, recommends a two-step process: apply windshield washer fluid to loosen the residue, then regular soap and water to take it off. If you procrastinate, the job becomes more difficult.

Chris Sandusky, owner of Finneytown Auto Wash, said drivers shouldn't let cicada residue stay on long. "The sun will bake them on," Sandusky said. "Wipe them off with a damp rag as soon as you notice them.'' If cicadas don't come off with regular soap and water, Sandusky said, any sort of chemical bug cleaner would work. She recommends Citrus Magic Bug and Tar Remover.

Panel discussion explores graphics

The Enquirer Art Department is holding a Reader Panel discussion Tuesday June 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the newspaper's downtown office. This group meets quarterly to discuss newspaper graphics and visuals. If you are interested in participating, contact Joe Powell, graphics editor, at (513) 768-8470, or email


These intersections in Hamilton will be closed, weather permitting, for paving and improvements: Weller and Bennighofen avenues through Thursday and Weller and Zimmerman avenues through Friday.

CORRECTION: Lightning victim in Army in '80s

Ed Vinsant of Loveland, killed by lightning Monday in Hamilton Township, served in the Army in 1986-87. A news story in Wednesday's Local News section misstated his service experience.

Catholics try to reconcile faith and political choices
Catholics speak out on politics and religion
Pilarczyk deflects sacrament issue
Take 3: 'Cops' invited back to city
'Cops' cameras roll in Covington
Our spelling 'shuud be lojical,' protesters cry
Students inspired by war, service

Drake Center request gets divided reaction
Students learn de-stress method
News briefs
Reserves head back to Iraq
Neighbors briefs
State court widens liability for abuse
Close 2 centers for disabled, panel urges
Video gambling effort likely to fail
Pleasant Ridge mobilizes
Pot bust nets 164 pounds, two arrests
Public safety briefs
Morning music comes to Lebanon
Businesses pledge help if art school will move
Fernald cleanup fails powder test
Fees would pay for growth
Recreation center still perplexes West Chester
Brother gets four-year term in fatal shooting of sister

Good Things Happening
Bronson: Storm alert: Run for it! Enstupidation
Crowley: NKU tuition hike needs a perspective

Robert Dehan led company despite illness

Homes plan clears hurdle
Kentucky news briefs
Fletcher wants suit suspended
Nine abused kids needed her, nine times she took them in
Neighbors help to buy funeral for slain man
Plea averts trial
Talks proceed on diploma equivalent for dropouts