Friday, June 4, 2004

Mystery about book six spells
rumors for Harry

The Internet is loaded with rumors about book six, some semi-credible, some so outlandish you just gotta laugh.

• The title will be Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch. That one's on dozens and dozens of sites, but it's absolutely not true, J. K. Rowling says on "Not even close."

• As always, rumors about Harry's mysterious and missing family abound. His late mother, Lily Evans, is still alive ("No, afraid not," Rowling says). Professor Dumbledore is Harry's real grandfather ("Why on earth would he have been sent to live with the Dursleys?" Rowling counters). Mark Evans from the beginning of book five is a relative. Could be. Rowling is mum on this one. Voldemort is Harry's real father ("No, no, no, no, no ... James is DEFINITELY Harry's father.")

• Snape a werewolf? Snape a vampire? It's going around but Rowling isn't commenting.

• Nor is she commenting on whether Malfoy will pull a switch and go to the dark side but it, too, is all over the Internet.

• Dumbledore will make Harry Assistant Professor of the Dark Arts, infuriating Snape. Malfoy is even more furious, since it was Harry who put his father in prison. Rowling hedges: "I'm not sure I see Harry in an academic career, he's seen so much action."

• And, looking way ahead, Harry will become Minister of Magic in book seven (No. "Seventeen is much too young to enter politics," Rowling responds).

— Jim Knippenberg

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