Friday, June 4, 2004

TV Best

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Aerosmith: You Gotta Move, 9-11 p.m., A&E.

Fans can debate the state of rock music but one thing seems clear: The quality of rock-concert filming keeps soaring.

The behind-the-scenes footage here is OK, but the concert footage is superb. Director Mark Haefeli (Paul McCartney in Red Square) brilliantly captures the zest on stage and in the audience.

There's a lot to capture as Aerosmith resists chronological limits. This band has been around for 34 years. In age, its people range from 56 (Steven Tyler, who looks younger) to 52 (Brad Whitford, who doesn't). Indeed, Tyler's daughter (Liv) has been a movie star for eight years.

Stepping on stage, however, Aerosmith rocks hard. You Gotta Move captures a concert that moves with rock 'n' roll energy.

Worth watching

Joan of Arcadia, 8 p.m., Channels 12, 7. God tells Joan to be on the debate team. Her partner stutters and she's not happy.

Cats & Dogs (2001), 8-10 p.m., Channels 19, 45. We get to hear the animals talk to each other as they create spy networks. The voices include Tobey Maguire, Susan Sarandon, Charlton Heston and Alec Baldwin.

Little Monsters (1989), 8-10 p.m., Pax. Here's another fantasy film for families. A lad (Fred Savage) sees his life change after he finds an impish monster (Howie Mandell) under his bed.

The George Lopez Show, 8 p.m., Channels 9, 2. George's dad wants to settle their rift but his mom is dead set against it.

Hope & Faith, 9 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Faith (Kelly Ripa) is a former actress who hates rejection. Now she's furious because she was rejected for jury duty and her sister was approved.

JAG, 9 p.m., Channels 12, 7. A pitcher (played by Barry Zito of the Oakland A's) is charged after he seems to have deliberately thrown at a batter's head.

Life With Bonnie, 9:30 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Now that this show's been canceled, we should savor the summer reruns. Tonight, the Smothers Brothers guest star. They're contractors who will hurry their work in Bonnie's home if she puts them on her show.

Las Vegas, 10 p.m., Channels 5, 22. A sexy con woman aims big. First she tricks Delinda, the daughter of Big Ed, the casino's security chief. Then she seduces Danny, Ed's protege. Meanwhile, Mary helps a couple who really wants to see Wayne Newton.

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