Sunday, June 6, 2004

Cicada limericks: This week's winners

A cicada emerged from the dirt
And flew down a young lady's shirt
Her lack of composure
Caused undue exposure
Which Sheriff Leis deemed as overt
Anne Taylor, Montgomery
There was a cicada named Ada
Who said, "I will vote for Ralph Nader"
"You get a kick in the tush,
That's a vote for George Bush!"
Said a Democrat bird as he ate her
Lee S. Rosenberg, Hyde Park
There once was a cicada named Dave
Who for 17 years lived in a cave
Then he heard it was time
To find a girl he'd call "mine"
But only found one quite depraved
Nancy Neal, Cincinnati
One thing about cicadas I find
That really is blowing my mind
The one thing I dread
They fly into your head
After all, they say love is blind
Carla Richards, Price Hill
A Cincy cicada named Wanda
Rode to school on a little red Honda
She forgot her eyeglasses
So she failed all her classes
After that she was known as "CicaDUH."
Mary Frey, Colrain Township
Out of the ground, not from hives
Four to six weeks, such short lives
Poor navigation
Crashing sensation
They fly just like Billy Joel drives
Glenn Trapp, Lockland
Cicadas make wonderful pets
So get out your butterfly nets
Find one to love dearly
Although it is clearly
A flying cockroach with Tourette's
Claude Prez, Batesville, Ind.
I once tried to date a cicada
She was hot as a flaming tomata
But alas as you see
On the trunk of a tree
She replied, "You're persona non grata"
Ronald V. Armor, Deer Park
The cicada causeth thy conscience to search
So ye not leave thy soul in a lurch
Next seventeenth year
Ye may not be here
So you'd better start goin' to church
Kurt Bofinger, Anderson Township
One short-lived cicada named Pete
Delivered his song, short and sweet
A bird, whizzing by,
Picked him off on the fly
And rated him bon appetit
James Egart, Glen Este
Meet Sadie our single cicada
Never hearing "I'm wanting to date ya"
Don't have time for romance
Candlelight or a dance
Love is brief when they just want to "mate ya"
JoAnn Allgeier, Deer Park

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Cicada limericks: This week's winners
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