Sunday, June 06, 2004

More cicada limericks

Don’t be afraid, cicadas don’t sting
You can make them out of paper and string
My dog Zack
Found some on his back
The next 17 years you don’t know what they’ll bring

Jalen Crenshaw


They say they’re boring, ugly, and annoying
They give me creeps that I’m enjoying
On the ground they look dead
Pull off their legs there goes their head
Don’t be afraid cicadas are coming and going

Rhianna Howard


I see their eyes, I see their face
I see them crawling all over the place
Took them 17 years to appear
These strange looking insects that no one will go near
Hysterically we acted in a terrible disgrace

Dorothy Gipson
Forest Park


There was once a Cicada named Nate
Who emerged from the ground to mate
He flew high and low
But alas was too slow
And ended up on my lunch plate

David Duck


The Cicada’s a bothersome thing
Who thinks he knows how to sing
After 17 years
He’s back hurting our ears
Taking over like he is a king

Mary Lou Corder


I’m partial to french fried potatas
I’ll happily eat stewed tomatas
But I think it takes nerve
For a hostess to serve
Chocolate covered cicadas.

Roger Honebrink


I know some cicadas love golf
They jump on my ball when aloft
They smile over land
They frown over sand
And when it starts down, they fly off

Jack Espelage
Union, Ky.


Cicadas are wonderful things
With orange on the edge of their wings
They’ve beady red eyes
And fly in the skies
And every last one of them sings.

T. Richard Halberstadt


Seventeen years is so long to wait
But cicadas emerge on this date
With one thing in mind
They just want to find
Another cicada to mate

Richard E. Slaughter


When cicadas try to land on my face
They are stopped by a barrier of lace
My veiled hat out of style
Now welcome for a while
Is protection I am glad to embrace

Ruth Underwood
Anderson Township


There is a black lab named Duke
Who catching bugs is a fluke
He eats any bug that don’t fly away
Eating cicadas makes his day
But too many cicadas made Duke puke

Gloria Kitch


I ate some cicadas for lunch
I like their delicate crunch
If it weren’t for the sounds
I’d enjoy them year round
I’ll freeze some for later to munch

Ginny Lawrence


I love to eat cicadas
They taste just like tomatas
They can fly very high
Way up to the sky
That’s why I love cicadas

Madeline Armstrong


Cicadas with bulging red eyes
Were there wings just lay there and lye
They sit on a tree
Until they set free
But people grab them and fry

Megan Yards


Oh dear cicada cicada
They look like little patatas
They’re almost the same
But they are insane
Oh dear cicada cicada

Tyler Merk


There once was a cicada
His name was tomata
He reached to his eyes
Then flew to the sky
That’s about my cicada

Cory Gum


My mom said to eat a cicada
I ate one and it tasted like fish baita
It wasn’t worth the prize
When I saw the others eyes
To tell you the truth it tasted like a potata

Spencer Schmeusser


Cicadas are funny and cute
It is very hard to press mute
Put them in your hand
They will make a band
You will hear them playing a flute

Katie Mellott


There once was a man named Dunce
Who made a scrumptious lunch
Made from the best things
Cicadas legs and wings
Because Dunce likes to hear them crunch

Russell Ludwig


Quick the cicadas are coming
You can hear their wings humming
I saw just one eye
I knew they were sly
Run the cicadas are coming!

Madison Teliski


Cicadas are very small
They’re all over my school wall
Girls are scared of them
Boys think they’re made of phlegm
But I am not scared at all

Joe Sweeney


I think cicadas are scary
I heard they’re really hairy
I thought they wouldn’t harm
Just then one bit my arm
That didn’t make me merry

Thomas Farrell


There once was a cicada named Rick
His wings are going to click
His butt was red
He tried to go to bed
Oh bad, Oh bad cicada

Brittany Wuestefeld


Have you seen a cicada
Sitting there eating a potata
Playing with a saw
Having a ball
While squishing a tomata

Sammy Turner


Cicadas are very funny
They also feel like a bunny
They are the ugliest things
Cicadas also like to sing
But no they don’t like honey

Stephanie Chastang


Cicadas are creepy and crawly
They always land on the wally
They sit there and look
Instead of reading a book
And they are not really tally

Olivia Meyer


Cicadas, you are so nasty
I hope they don’t lasty
While they sit on the log
They’re always such a hog
They’re just not that tasty

Tori Pfeiffer


There once was a cicada named Belton.
He got rid of his exoskeleton.
He flew into a lunch
Where he made a big crunch.
Then he ended up in the stomach of Elton

Emily Lindberg
6th grade


There’s a cicada named Rob
He needs an interesting job
Because he’s been under ground
And weighs under a pound
Because he only eats corn on the cob

Kara Back
6th grade


There once was a Cicada named Boots
He fed on the juice from the roots
Boots was very loud
But he was proud
All he ever wears are black suits

Danielle O’Callaghan
6th grade


There was a cicada named Bob.
He was chased by an angry mob.
They took out a flamethrower.
Bob took out his lawnmower.
Bob did an excellent job.

Nick Supe
6th grade


Cicadas should stay underground
They cause chaos all around
They are no luxury
They make you worry
And they make an annoying sound

Daniel Novak
6th grade


Cicadas taste like asparagus
Eww, that’s gross and hilarious
You can eat them with potatoes
Or with tomatoes
Either way, that makes me delirious

Lia Heinze
Meredith Bleuer
Karen Bird
LaRisha Daniels

6th grade


Cicadas will make lots noise
They’ll be even noisier than boys
When they come it will be
Horrible to see
And will sound like kids throwing toys!

Julie Rogers
6th grade


There once was a cicada named lead
And he always lands on your head
He is very crunchy
And your food very munchy
And now cicada is dead

Presley Ridout
6th grade


There is a Cicada named Basty
He is very tasty
He lives in the ground
Has a very loud sound
I use him in many pastries

Nicole Carlson
6th grade


There was a cicada name Bill
Who found out he was very ill
He had no mom
But then he got bombed
It’s a good thing he made a will

Patrick Chaplin
6th grade


There once was a Cicada named Fred
He fell from his very high bed
He then hit the floor
There were stomps galore
And soon Fred was dead

Obi Nwankwo
Drew Hollstegge

6th grade


There was a Cicada named Max
Who liked to chop trees wit his ax.
The weather was hot
He fell in a pot
And ruined his best pair of slacks.

Vincent Phu
Bryant Knight

6th grade


There was a cicada named Fred
Who always jumped on the bed
One day he got hurt
He cried out with a blurt
Because he had hit his head

Liz Hayes
6th grade


Cicadas can be black or brown
They are coming to town.
They don’t live in Boise
Although they are noisy.
They make me think of a noun.

Kristina Nguyen
6th grade


There was a cicada named Buzz.
On his antennas was bunches of fuzz.
When I cut my lawn,
They follow me at dawn.
Now I won’t go outside because.

Christine Burgess
6th grade


There was a cicada named Sean,
Who came up from out of my lawn.
Hit him with a bat,
Made him go SPLAT!
And now he is finally gone.

Josh Chamberlain
6th grade


There once was a cicada named Joe
Who would climb all over your toe
But then you got mad
Because he was bad
So now he’s as flat as play dough!

Katie McGill
Abby Phillip

6th grade


There once was a cicada named Annie
She had a really big fanny
She fell all the time
And then she would wine
She married a boy named Danny

Sarah Schwalie
Kelsey Williamson

6th grade


There once was a cicada name Tilly
She had a date named Billy
They went to the mall
When it was fall
Because they were really silly

Kelsey Williamson
Sarah Schwalie

6th grade


There was a cicada named Bill
He lives on a very big hill
He hisses at night
But not in the light
It gives people very big chills

Blakley Stretch
6th grade


There was a cicada named Jill
She had to take a pill
She went underground
To look around
And found herself with Bill

Carley Jaeger
6th grade


Cicadas never let you sleep
Cicadas always make a peep
In the middle of the night
You’ll turn on the light
You’ll never have a sleep that is deep

Caitlyn Shively
6th grade

A lively cicada named Zack
Landed on great-grandma’s back
She screamed in surprise
And all closed their eyes
As grandma gave Zack quite a whack

Pat DeHaas
Moores Hill, IN


A nice doc has a job to fulfill
For Ada the bug who feel ill
She brushed next to a worm
And picked up a germ
So he’ll prescribe for cicada a pill

Romilda Dilley


A cicada was once in the ‘Nati’
He persisted in driving us batty
He came here to breed
But didn’t succeed
He got stomped by a neighborhood bratty

Marilyn Palmisano
Price Hill


You’re invited to an infestual ball
It’s called the cicada crawl
It’s a reunion of sorts
You can even wear shorts
Much fun to be had by all

Barbara L. Wagner
North College Hill


There once was a giant cicada
Who thought he’d been trained by al-Qaida
But where he emerges
Still singing his dirges
He learns he is just mashed potata!

Vicky Aronoff


There once was a cicada named Sears
Who incubated for 17 years
But once he had hatched
The public dispatched
Unnecessary attention and jeers

George Knight


Riddle-ee diddle-ee dee
The cicada went up the tree
The started to hum
Which was really dumb
’ cause now she’s a mother of three

Kari Steffen
Taylor Mill, Ky.

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