Monday, June 7, 2004

Letters to the editor

Ronald Reagan made folks seem special

President Reagan made me king for a moment. We had finished setting up our display for the home show at the convention center when my business associate, Dave Goodman, suggested we walk down near I-75 and to catch the motorcade on the way to Procter & Gamble.

We found a position very near the highway, no visible security, no other people. To my amazement when the presidential limo passed, Ron noticed Dave and me standing all alone, and he started waving wildly at us. President Reagan had a way of making everyone seem special.

I will always remember him for the special reverence he showed for the Oval office.

Robert G. Kramer, Fairfield


Optimist Reagan won Cold War

An optimist died Saturday.

The Cold War could not be won and everybody knew it, except President Ronald Reagan. Thank God!

John Myers, Springdale


Find cicadas at Reading and Summit

In response to the letter "No cicadas at his house - yet" (June 1) about not seeing any cicadas, count your blessings. But if your curiosity is getting the best of you, here's one thing you can do: Go to the intersection of Reading Road and Summit Road. It has to be noon or later, so cicadas are out in force. Cross Reading and go east on Summit and park your car on the street. Now, walk back to the corner of Reading and Summit and then back to your car. See what all the complaining is about now?

Sue Atherton, Delhi Township


Discount cards in hand trump Medicare's

I refer to several recent articles concerning why not very many seniors have signed up for a Medicare discount prescription card at a $30 cost.

I have five discount cards from various drug companies. I pay $15 a year for one and the others are free. One or the other of these cards will give me as much or more of a discount as the government tells me I will get with the $30 card.

It is an insult to my intelligence to offer me a $30 card that won't do any more than the free cards I've had for several years. If we are $100 or $200 over the so-called poverty guidelines, we cannot get in on the $600 deal being offered by Medicare. So, where does the $30 card leave us?

Ruth N. Rees, Covington


Cardinal George's comments helpful

This letter is in response to recent comments about the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Catholic Church ("Male-only priest is an eternal truth," May 28).

Those who stubbornly persist in rejecting church teaching on this issue will remain defiant, but those of you who are honestly searching for the truth would do well to listen to Cardinal Francis George's comments to Pope John Paul II on June 1: "The relation between the body of Christ which is the holy Eucharist and the body of Christ which is his church passes through the sacrament of holy orders. A culture founded on the rejection of the sacrament of holy orders can grasp neither the Eucharist nor apostolic governance."

Michele Dell'aira, Kenwood


With child abuse, prove criminal action

I strongly disagree with the editorial's perspective expressed regarding investigations of child abuse ("Abuse cases require time, care," June 3). The attitude that "the need to protect children must ultimately trump other concerns" has previously led to the hysteria in the 1980s regarding sexual abuse in day care centers.

An investigation of abuse should have one goal only: to find out whether a crime has been committed. Once clear evidence of innocence has been established, there is no longer probable cause to continue the investigation, and to do so is a clear violation of the parents' rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

Vincent Schmithorst, Terrace Park


Kentucky will benefit from Ohio smokers

I hope good old Northern Kentucky will continue to allow their business owners a choice in accommodating those horrible Ohio smokers who stand outside Cincinnati's buildings and restaurants ("Wider ban on smoking to get study," May 30). By sending this business across the river, Ohioans not only open up more tables and parking spaces, but continue to maintain their reputation as a wise group who look after their health even as they drink their Jack Daniel's.

John Myers, Springdale

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