Friday, June 11, 2004

New book adds 'Yes' to
parents' vocabulary

By Samantha Critchell / The Associated Press

"No! No! No!"

It's the familiar soundtrack of households with babies and toddlers.

Many parents find themselves prying toys out of their children's hands and pulling food out of their mouths because whatever the little ones have gotten themselves into poses a safety hazard.

But what if the children were already in a safe environment? That would allow parents to encourage playing, eating and exploration without a battle.

The Baby Rules: The Insider's Guide to Raising Your Parents (Health Communications Inc.) is a new book written by Jamie Schaefer-Wilson and Jo Anne Germinario, two mothers who wanted to be able to say "yes" a little more often.

Schaefer-Wilson says the book features short chapters and bulleted points so moms and dads could use it as a practical reference guide that doesn't have to be read all at once.

The Baby Rules is written from a baby's point of view. One of the first pieces of advice is: "Please make sure all my visitors wash their hands before holding or touching me. Do you know the last time they washed those hands? I don't, and I'm very susceptible to germs."

Schaefer-Wilson says writing this way forces parents to see things from a different perspective - and they'll see how tempting it would be to pull on a curtain cord or how much a table cloth can look like a cozy blanket when you're crawling on the floor.

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