Kids drinking can be adult problem
The "Parents Who Host Lose the Most" campaign brings a twist to its message about the dangers of underage drinking - it isn't always the kids who need to be targeted, sometimes it's the parents.
Good plan for Washington Park
An ambitious new plan to redevelop the quarter-mile area around Cincinnati's Washington Park and Music Hall is all about getting the big pieces in the right place. Get those right first, and long-sought private development should follow. The re-shuffling could help that quadrant of historic Over-the-Rhine make a spectacular comeback.
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YOUR VOICE: Thomas J. Forristal, M.D.
We cannot abandon Iraq's children
If you need another reason for the United States to stay the course in Iraq, look at the children. In my opinion as a pediatrician with 35 years in private practice, this is the most important reason.

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The ethics of science
Last month, former first lady Nancy Reagan reinvigorated the debate over controversial human embryonic stem cell research when she endorsed the need for more research at a Beverly Hills, Calif., fund-raiser.
For: Stem research is legal, useful
Against: Research not ethical practice

'No Child' act should be fully funded
Teachers, principals, parents, and others who work with Ohio's schoolchildren and who read Rep. John Boehner's, R-West Chester, guest column "Education act far from unfunded mandate" (May 4), might think they live and work in a parallel universe. That's because Boehner's representation of school funding and conditions in Ohio's schools are far from reality for educators and students.
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Survivors network: It's time to get an accounting
David Clohessy is the national director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests). Clohessy said a priest molested him and his brothers as children, and that one of his brothers grew up to become a priest who is also a sexual abuser.

Voice of the Faithful: Seeking changes
Jim Muller, a physician who battled nuclear weapons, has turned his attention to the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. He is a founder and former president of Voice of the Faithful, one of several grassroots, lay organizations formed in the wake of the clergy sex abuse in the Church.

'Voices' hope to empower laity
One response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis, which is currently erupting in the Catholic Church in Cincinnati, has been the development of a national organization called Voice of the Faithful (VOTF). Currently there are more than 30,000 members and 181 affiliates across the United States.

Speak out now
So far at least 10 former students have filed suit alleging sexual abuse at the hands of former Elder High School Principal Lawrence Strittmatter.

Music Hall Moments
We asked for your favorite memory of Music Hall to help us celebrate its 125th anniversary. Here are several installments of your letters:
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