Saturday, June 12, 2004

Enquirer wins peer awards

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer staffers received 37 awards at the annual banquet Friday of the Cincinnati chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Among the 44 first-place winners, the Enquirer took away the most awards with 10.

Thom Gephardt, who was the editorial page editor of the Enquirer for 32 years, was one of three people inducted into the Cincinnati Journalism Hall of Fame.

Other Enquirer awards:

Enterprise/Database Reporting

First place, Debra Jasper and Spencer Hunt, "Extreme Choices."

Second place, Ken Alltucker, "Home Schemes/Broken Dreams."

Third place, James Pilcher, "Collision Course: Brent Spence Bridge."

Honorable Mention, James McNair, "Wanted: Innovation."

Beat Reporting

First place, Tim Bonfield, medical issues

Second place, James Pilcher, transportation

Third place, Dan Horn, criminal justice

Honorable Mention, Jennifer Edwards, Southeastern Butler County stories

Consumer Coverage

First place, Debra Jasper and Spencer Hunt, "Money's Gone."

Third place, Cindi Andrews, "Budget Backs Up Sewer Fixes."

Sports Coverage

First place, Mark Curnutte, stories on Marvin Lewis

Second place, Tom Groeschen, "Sports Finds Its Stars Younger and Younger."

Third place, Michael Clark, "College Decision: A Football Star is Torn."

Sports Feature

Second place, Michael Clark, "College Decision: A Football Star is Torn."

Third place, Mark Curnutte, "An Opening Day Love Letter from a Son to His Father."

Honorable Mention, Tom Groeschen, "The Latest in a Long Line."

Short Story

Second place, William Weathers, "Whatever Happened to?"

Personality Profile

First place, Dan Horn, "The Truth Set Him Free; Freedom Broke His Heart."

Honorable Mention, John Johnston, "The Defense Finally Rests."

Long News Feature

First place, Dan Horn, "Going Home."

Short News Feature

Second place, Sharon Coolidge, "Man Says Pot Was Medicine."

Lifestyle Feature

Third place, John Johnston, "Junk Man Salvages a Family."

Trend Reporting

Honorable Mention, Tim Bonfield, "Doctor Will See You Now - for $1,500."

Arts and Entertainment

Second place, John Johnston, "Renegade Players Take a Bow."

Business Coverage

Second place, Cliff Peale, "P&G's Russian Frontier."

Education Coverage

First place, Jennifer Mrozowski, for a collection of education stories.

News or Feature Headline

Second place, Phil Fisher, "Short Workweek Wearies French With More Time, Why Aren't They Less Miserable?"

Third place, Phil Fisher, "Live or Let Die: A Choice of Sorrows."

Sports Headline

First place, Sue Lancaster, "In a N.Y. Minute - or Two."

Second place, Sue Lancaster, "Sosa Uncorks One."

Page Design

Second place, Ron Huff, "100 Years of Flight."

Honorable Mention, Ron Huff, "Six Degrees of Marvin Lewis."

Informational Graphic

First place, Randy Mazzola, "100 Years of Flight."

Second place, Randy Mazzola, "Great American Ball Park"

Photo Illustration

Second place, Randy Mazzola, "Built to Last."

News Photography

Third place, Glenn Hartong, "The Death of Oscar Armstrong."

Feature Photography

First place, Patrick Reddy, "You May Kiss the Bride - Goodbye."

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