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Workin' on the railroad
Reports of the demise of the railroad freight industry appear to be premature.

By truck or rail, Parsec finds success

Home scams targeted
Remo Loreto discovered he wasn't pursuing a conventional real estate investment deal when snarling dogs greeted him at Roger Pepples' Monfort Heights home.

Eckberg: Blue collar defines life of Kucinich
It's no surprise that former Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich has emerged in 2004 as a workingman's hero.

Look Who's Talking: David Uible, sold on buffalo
As an investor, David Uible's job is to purchase and turn around struggling small companies through his business, Uible Management. It was the perfect training for his foray into buffalo ranching, which has taken him from buying a dozen calves to running a business capitalizing on the low-carb diet craze.

Business meetings this week
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Business People
Promotions & new on the job.
Registry specializes in gift 'experiences'
EAST WALNUT HILLS - When she married, Davida Gable realized she didn't need traditional household gifts. Her research into marriage trends showed her that many couples have already accumulated what they need to set up housekeeping.

Airlines scramble to lower fuel use
Pilots for Ted, United Airlines' low-fare carrier, flew 14 mph slower at cruise altitude over the Memorial Day weekend.

Has your job been sent off-shore?
The Enquirer would like to hear from you. If you know of any companies in the Cincinnati area that have transferred jobs or outsourced work -- at the expense of local jobs -- to nations wiph lower labor costs, please e-mail us.

Special Report: P&G's Russian Frontier
In a three-day series, The Enquirer's Cliff Peale reports from Russia on Procter & Gamble's manufucturing and marketing drive there and the implications for Greater Cincinnati.
Booming market bears potential and challenge
It's not like Kroger: 'Stores' make selling a challenge
New economy holds instability and risk
Overseas sales have big impact back home
Making cleaning products, two worlds meet
Q&A: Former dancer takes giant leap
Europe teaches lessons about style
Vanity products are a gamble for Procter

Erpenbeck archive
William Erpenbeck Jr. spent a decade building a company that crumbled in months. Once one of the Tristate's biggest home builders, the Erpenbeck Co. succumbed to a bank fraud that affected lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.