Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sound bites

Contradiction of terms

"He actually lived very simply. Although ultimately he was a psychopath who led Iraq into two catastrophic wars."

Ala Bashir, the doctor of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, recounting in his new book his experiences working for Saddam during the Ba'ath regime

His name was enough

"I respected the genius ... What set him apart? He was Ray Charles - just that!"

Singer James Brown, on his deceased friend and fellow musician

When it rains it pours

"If it's a big enough pond for geese to land on, it's a pretty good-sized pond."

Farmer Jim Barton, whose fields in central Kentucky were turned into swamps from recent rainfalls

Empty words

"When all's said and done, a lot more was said than done."

Mark Fried of the international aid agency Oxfam, on the results of the Group of Eight Summit

Too many words

"This year's G-8 summit came at a crucial time. Our nations face a grave threat to our common security. Yet we also face a moment of opportunity to undermine the appeal of terror by supporting the advance of liberty and prosperity throughout the world, especially in the broader Middle East."

President Bush on the summit's achievements

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