Sunday, June 13, 2004

What's up with that?

Minor matters

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A new version of the World Hockey Association announced Wednesday it is set to start playing in October with at least six teams.

Surprisingly, one of them is not Cincinnati, which means an entire winter in a one-minor-league-hockey-team town. It'll be like New York after the Dodgers and Giants left. And when was the last time a doomed-to-fail minor league started up and we didn't field a team?

Dirty laundry

Third-year Cowboys receiver Antonio Bryant took his playing time and his life into his own hands this week when he, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, threw his jersey in Bill Parcells' face following a heated exchange.

Note to Antonio: Parcells didn't put up with LT's antics ... and you are no Lawrence Taylor.

Hint, hint

After Lakers rookie Luke Walton energized the team in Game 2 of the NBA Finals with eight assists, Shaquille O'Neal couldn't say enough about it.

"It amazes me how he can give me the ball and guys that have been playing with me four, five, six years can't get me the ball," O'Neal said.

Gee, wonder who he's talking about.

A West Side Story

Ads ran this week in New York paid for by opponents of a new $1.4 billion, 75,000-seat stadium for the Jets on the West Side of the Big Apple.

"What could New York City do with $600 million?" the narrator says as images of schoolchildren and the elderly roll by. "Rebuild our schools. Put a computer in every classroom or reopen neighborhood fire stations. With $600 million, we could improve community health clinics and offer more affordable care to New Yorkers. Or step up the rebirth of Lower Manhattan."

And you thought your mom was good with guilt trips.

Tee'd off

In a take-this-job-and-shove-it gesture of Jerry McGuire proportions, PGA caddie Randy Phelps walked off the course with two holes to play after an argument with his player, Brendan Pappas.

Over the Hill

The Orlando Sentinel reported that at least four teams have approached the Magic about acquiring the aging, mechanically repaired Grant Hill. Magic GM John Weisbrod's response?

"It's a little surprising."


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