Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Letters to the editor

Huggins can beat this opponent too

Cincinnati basketball fans needn't worry about Bob Huggins' present problems. Rest assured, he will face this alcohol opponent with an in-your-face full court press, just as he has from high school to the University of Cincinnati.

Fred Hannah, Bethel


Huggins' deal sets bad example

Let me get this straight. When you get arrested for suspicious of driving while intoxicated and work for the University of Cincinnati in a prominent position you get a vacation with pay to sort out your problems. This is a terrific example for all the students and citizens of Cincinnati who can only dream of such preferential treatment.

Lois M. Walsh, Colerain Township


DUI pleas may be misunderstood

The statement in the Enquirer's article on DUI penalties ("Judge's discretion has guidelines," June 13) attributed to Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen that "about 95 percent of first-time DUI offenders settle their cases with a plea bargain, and many are allowed to plead to a less serious charge," may leave your readers with the wrong impression.

According to the latest (2002) Ohio Supreme Court statistics, less than 3½ percent of DUI offenders in the Hamilton County Municipal Court (117 of 3,392) were allowed to plead to a lesser charge. Most DUI arrests result in other charges as well, such as a stop sign violation, or failure to wear a seat belt. The plea bargains that prosecutors agree to in 95 percent of the cases are a dismissal of these lesser charges in return for a plea to the DUI charge, not a reduction or dismissal of the DUI.

Judge David Stockdale, Hamilton County Municipal Court


No 'tricks' in Cincinnati's accounting

I take exception to the term "accounting tricks" that appeared in your editorial of June 10, 2004 concerning the City of Cincinnati budget problems.

I can assure you, the mayor and city council, the citizens of the city, and investors in city bonds that the city does not use "accounting tricks." In fact, the city comports with all generally accepted accounting principles and practices. The city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is audited by an independent outside auditor under contract with the Auditor of the State of Ohio. The city's most recent CAFR which was audited independently has been filed and accepted by the Auditor of State. A copy can be found at www.auditor.state.oh.us. In addition to the audited CAFR, the city of Cincinnati has received the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 23 consecutive years. This national award recognizes conformance with the highest standards in government accounting and financial reporting. Your unfortunate terminology is unwarranted and is unfair to the city and its professional accounting and finance staff.

William E. Moller, Finance Director, City of Cincinnati


Pro-research not a conflict with pro-life

The Enquirer's articles on the embryonic stem cell debate (June 6) show a fundamental mismatch between the points each side is trying to argue. The pro-research people are arguing for using cells destined for destruction while the pro-life people assert that we should not create fertilized eggs for the purpose of harvesting stem cells. These points are not mutually exclusive.Would any people against embryonic stem-cell research be willing to provide a reason to destroy embryos produced at fertility clinics rather than to use them for research?

Neeraj Singh, Clifton


Smitherman takes courageous stands

A "white conservative," I recently moved into the city. My neighbor, Cincinnati City Council member Christopher Smitherman, has enlightened me to a new perspective on life in this city. He is supportive of our police officers but has legitimate concerns about the operations of our city's police department. Despite being slandered by the conservative media and receiving death threats, this man courageously stands true to his calling to protect the poor and bring racial reconciliation to this city. This is only accomplished by shaking the foundations of existing city establishments that are at the root of this city's racial tensions.

Dirk Hines, North Avondale

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