Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Log says Huggins stop not his first

Police in '03 took UC coach home

By Jennifer Edwards
The Cincinnati Enquirer

FAIRFAX - A police log shows University of Cincinnati basketball coach Bob Huggins, charged last week with drunken driving, was stopped by a Fairfax officer at 1:51 a.m. April 2, 2003, and warned about weaving on Wooster Road.

The log states Huggins, 50, of Loveland, was taken home "due to feeling ill." Huggins' vehicle was taken to the Fairfax municipal lot. He was not issued a citation.

Fairfax Police Chief Rick Patterson declined to comment on the incident.

Patterson also would not discuss Huggins' arrest June 8 in the village on a charge of drunken driving. The case will be heard at an unspecified date by a magistrate in Fairfax Mayor's Court. UC athletic director Bob Goin has suspended Huggins indefinitely with pay.

In a videotaped exchange inside a Fairfax police cruiser, minutes after Huggins was arrested on the drunken-driving charge, Officer Tim Vogel can be heard saying:

"You know we had you once before. You know that, and we took you home. Remember that?"

Huggins replied: "No, sir."

On Monday, Patterson and Fairfax Mayor Ted Shannon referred questions to the village solicitor, Alan Abes, who declined to comment.

On Saturday, Shannon said that, while Fairfax police exercise discretion, they do not let intoxicated motorists off with warnings or rides home.

Huggins and Goin have declined comment on the tape.

Richard Katz, lawyer for Huggins, said the only people who can talk about the tape are Fairfax police.

In a police interview during his arrest, Huggins said he had been drinking a couple of beers. When asked with whom, he replied, "recruit's family," according to the report.

Katz said Monday Huggins was not drinking with a recruit's family who, according to Katz, made an unofficial visit to UC on the day of Huggins' arrest.

Neil Madsen of Dublin, Ohio, the father of recruit Kyle Madsen, a 6-foot-9 center from Coffman High School, supported that account.

Huggins drank only water and soft drinks while lunching with the family at UC and taking them on a tour of the campus, he said. The family was at UC from about 1 to 6 p.m., 51/2 hours before Huggins was pulled over in Fairfax.

"There was water and pop, and I didn't see him drink anything, per se, other than what anybody else would have," Madsen said Monday. "There certainly wasn't any alcohol consumed or any indications any alcohol was consumed."

Katz would not disclose where Huggins was between spending time with the Madsen family and his arrest.

Huggins, Katz said, "really wants to communicate with people in the community" but won't because of the pending charge.

"He will pick the appropriate time to address some issues," Katz said.


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