Saturday, June 19, 2004

Unwrap the trees; cicadas on way out

They should be gone by end of June

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

It's time to take it off, all off.

That's the advice for homeowners who wrapped tender trees in protective netting, cheesecloth and garden-wrap to keep Brood X cicadas from drilling into fragile branches to lay eggs.

Expected to be gone by the end of June, the cicadas are dropping dead after their raucous monthlong treetop party.

The trees could use the air and sun, says Denny McKeown, author and owner of McKeown Landscaping and Bloomin' Garden Centre in Blue Ash.

"Take the netting off," he says. "That does 10 times more damage than the cicadas. The netting shades the foliage, and when leaves have been shaded too long and then get exposed to full summer sun, they are exposed to leaf scorch or burning."

And don't fret about the brown branch ends.

The cicadas did your trees a favor.

"They pruned what you wouldn't dare," says McKeown.

The natural pruning will create more new growth this year than you would otherwise get.

"You'll have a fuller tree at the end of this season, and in the case of flowering trees, more blooms next year," he says.


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