Monday, June 21, 2004

Committee recommends arts grants

By Jackie Demaline
Enquirer staff writer

The Cincinnati Arts Allocations Committee has recommended $116,686 in 23 grants for 2004

Established organizations: Art Opportunities, $6,000; BASE Gallery, $2,360; Cincinnati Arts Association, $6,375; Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, $6,375; Contemporary Dance Theatre, $7,125; Enjoy the Arts, $5,625; Greater Cincinnati Blues Society, $7,125; MUSE, Cincinnati's Women's Choir, $6,000; Ovation Theatre Company, $5,250; Queen City Performing Arts Organization, $6,000; Urban Appalachian Council, $5,250; Vocal Arts Ensemble, $6,375; and Women Writing for (a) Change Foundation, $6,375.

Emerging organizations: Mockbee Inc., $6,375, and Women's Theatre Initiative, $2,250.

Individual artists: Claire Darley, $2,800; Scott Thomas Donaldson, $3,750; Melissa Littig Godoy, $4,750; Shawna Guip, $4,776; Pauletta Hansel, $4,250; Dale Hodges, $4,250; Betsy Ann Lippitt, $3,750; and Cheryl Wallace, $3,500.

The total arts allocation for 2004 is $432,170.

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