Thursday, June 24, 2004

What you say: Bill Clinton's 'Life'

Former President Bill Clinton's new 957-page memoir, My Life (Knopf, $35) went on sale Tuesday nationwide. It has revived talk of his accomplishments and pitfalls during his two-term presidency from 1994-2002.

While some bookstores are reporting 24-hour lines to see Clinton at book signings, local bookstores are not getting the same response. Knopf reportedly paid Clinton $10 million to write the book, and he has been ubiquitous in promoting it this week.

Here is what you are saying about Clinton since his book was released:

The only surprise in Bill Clinton's memoir is that he didn't include Monica Lewinsky as a member of "the vast right wing conspiracy" designed to bring him to ground.

Paul Bloustein, Sycamore Township


Former President Clinton can't undo his past blundering, stupidity and total disrespect for the office he once held, so I suspect his supersized autobiography is aimed at gaining himself a more honorable place in history.

Still, file it under fiction.

Paul Gardner, Maineville


Isn't it amazing that former President Clinton comes out with his book, and tours the nation signing copies of his book, in June 2004? He does not come out with his book before February of this year, when the state elections for Democratic candidates began, and he does not come out with his book after the first week of November, following the conclusion of the national elections for the U.S. presidency. Is this a coincidence? Or is this a message for John Kerry?

Dan Nebert, Wyoming

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