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Sweeteners, land moved DHL to pick Ohio for hub
Air carrier DHL confirmed Friday that it would consolidate its hub operations about 50 miles northeast of Cincinnati in Wilmington, ending a fierce battle between Ohio and Kentucky over hundreds of jobs.

Cincinnati is more than a number
What's in the numbers? Whether it's a city's ranking for population growth, climate for doing business, the arts or the quality of its schools, an explosion of ratings in recent years has created a benchmark bonanza.

Census prompts action
Cincinnati continues to digest this week's U.S. Census report, which showed that people were still shifting out of the city in 2000-2003.

Learn about harassment, or pay
As managing director of Taft HR Solutions, Cindy-Ann L. Thomas would never dream of missing work on Jan. 2. In fact, she looks forward to the day.

In your opinion
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates next week. How will a hike in interest rates affect you? Will you earn more on savings? Will you pay more for your credit cards or other debt? Will it change your mind on buying a house? Will it affect how you invest in your business? Please contact John Byczkowski at 513-768-8377, or email him at

Business meetings this week
Announcements of meetings and seminars, and instructions for listing your event.

Business People
Promotions & new on the job.
Pace of home sales slowing
After two months of double-digit increases this spring, home sales for May slowed to 5.4 percent over May 2003 as mortgage interest rates inched up.

'Wise Women' advise
DOWNTOWN - Men need not apply.

Optical chain seeking Chap. 11
Sight Resource Corp., a Cincinnati-based operator of eye care stores, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and disclosed it is the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission probe.

Bush plan for 'Skies' gets push
ST. BERNARD - The best-kept secret about President Bush's Clear Skies Initiative to clean up the environment is that it would help the economy by giving business the certainty to invest in new plants and equipment, says the president's environmental policy adviser.

Tristate summary
Sycamore Plaza across from Kenwood Towne Centre on Montgomery Road, has been sold for $61.5 million to Los Angeles-based RP Properties, according to the buyer's real estate broker, Faris Lee Investments.

Latest computer virus takes different pathway
NEW YORK - A computer virus designed to steal information like passwords spread Friday through a new technique that converted popular Web sites into virus transmitters.

Poll: Diversity policies lacking
NEW YORK - Fewer than a third of American workers believe their companies have effective diversity programs, according to a report by the National Urban League.

Business digest
After a three-month trial, jurors in the trial of four former Adelphia Communications Corp. executives accused of looting the cable company are set to begin deliberations on Monday.

Mixed funds a good hideout
Summertime is here. No doubt you're eager to head to the beach, fire up the old calculator and allocate your assets. No?

Mutual funds disappointing in first quarter
NEW YORK - Mutual funds suffered from Wall Street's uncertain second quarter, with only large-cap funds seeing positive returns as investors moved to stable, blue chip stocks.

Russell indexes reshuffled
NEW YORK - The Frank Russell Co. Friday reconstituted its well-known series of equity indexes, an annual process that this year adds more than 300 names to its market-weighted list of the 3,000 largest U.S. stocks.

High bank yields
Following are some of the highest nationwide yields on five types of accounts, according to the "100 Highest Yields" consumer-investor newsletter.

Best-performing mutual funds
The following are the leaders, based on one-year returns as of June 24, for U.S. government funds.

Rate report
The following is a sample of the highest rates available at Greater Cincinnati banks, and savings and loans.

Has your job been sent off-shore?
The Enquirer would like to hear from you. If you know of any companies in the Cincinnati area that have transferred jobs or outsourced work -- at the expense of local jobs -- to nations wiph lower labor costs, please e-mail us.

Special Report: P&G's Russian Frontier
In a three-day series, The Enquirer's Cliff Peale reports from Russia on Procter & Gamble's manufucturing and marketing drive there and the implications for Greater Cincinnati.
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Erpenbeck archive
William Erpenbeck Jr. spent a decade building a company that crumbled in months. Once one of the Tristate's biggest home builders, the Erpenbeck Co. succumbed to a bank fraud that affected lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.