Saturday, June 26, 2004


Look at good side of loss in population

Why does the Enquirer insist on portraying declining population as an unmitigated disaster? Lower population means less pollution; less traffic congestion; less crowding and thus less crowding-caused violence; lower demand for land and therefore lower housing costs; and a smaller labor supply and therefore higher wages.

The Enquirer should at least consider the possibility that Cincinnati's population is larger than the ideal and that a declining population is therefore good news.

Paul Thiel
Crescent Springs

Proposed school cuts are no rumor

The June 23 article "Rumored education cuts cause a ruckus" made a mockery of a very serious issue confronting Cincinnati Public Schools.

Early childhood education is vital to school readiness for our children. Despite the significant research in this area, CPS is slated to lose 80 slots for our children in the 2004-05 school year. This is not a rumor.

Wade Horn, assistant secretary of children and families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stated in the article: "Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior." Given the experience of Head Start funding cuts already announced for 2004-05, CPS teachers, as well as all community members, have every reason to speak out against the further elimination of vital early childhood resources.

The "rumored education cuts" on the national level were clearly documented by a White House Office of Management and Budget memo of May 19.

Finally, the preschool teachers, two CPS board members, and citizens who called attention to the potential cuts did so in an extremely professional manner. It is demeaning and biased to call this a "ruckus."

Sue Taylor
President, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers

Closing pools would be foolish move

There's been lots of talk of idle youth with nothing to do during hot summer days and nights and no municipal funds to keep pools open. And we have Rep. Tyrone Yates threatening child anarchy if we don't pay kids to get a job. The very last thing you want to do after first cutting council's and mayor's salaries and closing City Halls is closing pools to kids who can't afford Coney Island or the beach at Cannes.

Close the pools?! Nay, I say, you haven't the sense of a broom handle horse.

Bruce E. Conway

Iraq war is hardly same as Germany

This is in regard to the letter from June 20, "Yes, Saddam needed to be deposed," in which the writer tried to compare the June 6 invasion of Europe to defeat Hitler and his German army with the invasion of Iraq to the defeat of Saddam Hussein. The writer ignored the fact that Germany had declared war on the United States.

The only claim against Iraq was that they had "weapons of mass destruction," which could not be verified.

If President Bush really believed that Iraq had these weapons, would he have sent the invasion army that would have surely been annihilated by these weapons?

Tom Riordan

Bush needs to stress Iraq possibilities

At the time the United States passes sovereignty over to the new temporary Iraqi government, it would be an excellent time for President Bush to give an optimistic speech about a vision of a positive future for the people of Iraq.

It would start with the fact that the people have been released from the many decades of enslavement, torture, murder and economic disaster under Saddam Hussein. It would then look to the future and include positive items such as:

• The Iraq people want and need to live in an environment that is secure, friendly and tolerant of differences.

• They want freedom for people, with tolerance to worship as they wish without hatred, murder, and oppression.

• The speech should stress education for all, medical care, security, equality of human rights and justice.

• It should ask Iraq people to stop supporting unruly mobs in the street led by irresponsible, undereducated clerics. Instead people should spend their time rebuilding and protecting oil pipelines; power plants; hospitals; schools; religious, government and cultural buildings; city infrastructure; and housing.

• People of Iraq should be encouraged to have pride in their nation, encourage tourists, and develop ancient historical sites.

A presentation along this line would go a long way to improve the impression of U.S. policies and interests.

Truman Hunter

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