Saturday, June 26, 2004

Two spins on Tommy Lee's stint as a Vegas disc jockey

There's plenty of spin about what happened at the Bellagio's Light nightclub in Las Vegas when former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was spinning the tunes.

Sean Christie, the club's director of marketing, said Lee had to be removed by security officers, but Lee's manager said the 41-year-old drummer walked out of Sunday's show.

Lee was there for a disc jockey gig during a Father's Day party, Christie told the Las Vegas Sun. "He was playing lousy music," Christie said. "We told him to wrap up his set and make a graceful exit. When he refused, we said we would just pull the plug on him."

In a statement, Lee's manager, Carl Stubner, said, "Tommy walked out of the venue (with his personal security helping him with his gear) after 30 minutes into the show since it was clear that the club' management wanted him to play top 40 hip-hop tunes for their lounge."

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Two spins on Tommy Lee's stint as a Vegas disc jockey

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