Monday, June 28, 2004

Bhardwaj still has Olympic shot

Cincinnati native selected for Karolyi camp; Sheehan is out

The Associated Press

ANAHEIM, Calif. - After finishing sixth at the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials on Sunday, Cincinnati native Mohini Bhardwaj was invited to next month's selection camp which will determine if she will be picked for a spot on the U.S. team.

Mohini Bhardwaj of Cincinnati executes a vault during preliminaries at the U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials in Anaheim, Calif.
(AP photo)
Martha Karolyi, the national team coordinator, will host the camp featuring another two-day competition before the team is named July 18. She had to have liked what she saw from Bhardwaj.

Though she was sixth, the 25-year-old showed she can more than hang with the youngsters with a monster vault that earned her a 9.6 Sunday and a nod of approval from Karolyi.

Bhardwaj put up two of the highest scores on vault and uneven bars this past weekend.

Courtney Kupets and Courtney McCool grabbed the two almost-but-not-quite-guaranteed spots on the U.S. Olympic team Sunday, finishing first and second at the trials.

They still have to prove "readiness" at next month's selection camp, but it's probably safe for them to start packing their bags.

Kupets, the co-national champion, finished with 75.750 points. McCool was just .125 behind her.

As for the rest of the team, that's another question. Annia Hatch; Terin Humphrey; Allyse Ishino; Carly Janiga; co-national champ Carly Patterson; Tasha Schwikert; Liz Tricase; Hollie Vise; and Tabitha Yim all were invited to the selection camp, where they'll be put through another two-day competition before the team is named July 18.

Just four were eliminated at "trials," including Samantha Sheehan of the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy in Fairfield. She finished 13th.

Patterson fell off the balance beam and finished third. Schwikert finished eighth.

What's next

The Olympic trials aren't the last step in deciding who makes the team. The trials decide who would be invited to a selection camp (12 gymnasts, in this case), where they'll be put through another two-day competition.

The final competition will be held at team coordinator Martha Karolyi's training facility. At the end of that, six of the gymnasts will be named to the Olympic team.

The announcement of who made the cut will be made July 18.

U.S. Gymnastics




At Anaheim, Calif.


Combined totals

w-1. Courtney Kupets, Gaithersburg, Va., 75.750 points.

w-2. Courtney McCool, Kansas City, Mo., 75.625.

w-3. Carly Patterson, Allen, Texas, 75.500.

w-4. Tabitha Yim, Irvine, Calif., 75.200.

w-5. Allyse Ishino, Santa Ana, Calif., 74.850.

w-6. Mohini Bhardwaj, Cincinnati, 74.750.

w-7. Terin Humphrey, Bates City, Mo., 74.550.

w-8. Tasha Schwikert, Las Vegas, 74.125.

w-9. Carly Janiga, Paradise Valley, Ariz., 73.700.

w-10. Liz Tricase, Itasca, Ill., 73.375.

w-11. Annia Hatch, West Haven, Conn., 73.125.

12. Melanie Sinclair, Orlando, Fla., 71.050.

x-13. Sam Sheehan, Villa Hills, Ky., 55.575.

x-14. Tia Orlando, Souderton, Pa., 54.025.

wy-15. Hollie Vise, Dallas, 38.025.

z-16. Katie Heenan, South Riding, Va., 17.575.

w-named to U.S. Olympic training squad.

x-competed in six of eight events.

y-competed in four of eight events.

z-competed in two of eight events.





1, Paul Hamm, Waukesha, Wis., 58.150 points.

2, Stephen McCain, Houston, 56.850.

3, Brett McClure, Mill Creek, Wash., 56.775.

4, Raj Bhavsar, Houston, 56.725.

5, Sean Townsend, Houston, 56.375.

6, Guard Young, Orem, Utah, 56.350.

7, Todd Thornton, Houston, 56.225.

8, David Durante, Garwood, N.J., 56.125.

9, Alexander Artemev, Lakewood, Colo., 55.950.

10, Taqiy Abdullah, Houston, 55.375.

11, Blaine Wilson, Columbus, Ohio, 54.950.

12, Dan Gill, Fairfax, Va., 54.250.

13, David Sender, Chicago, 54.175.

14, Jonathan Horton, Houston, 53.525.

15, Clay Strother, Jasper, Texas, 52.575.

x-16, Jason Gatson, Mesa, Ariz., 38.825.

x-17, Morgan Hamm, Waukesha, Wis., 38.700.

Combined Standings

1, Paul Hamm, 57.865.

2, McClure, 57.059.

3, Townsend, 56.364

4, McCain, 56.265.

5, Thornton, 56.214.

6, Young, 56.100.

7, Wilson, 55.650.

8, Durante, 55.619.

9, Bhavsar, 55.592.

10, Artemev, 55.045.

11, Gill, 54.987.

12, Abdullah, 54.797.

13, Horton, 54.187.

14, Sender, 53.897.

15, Strother, 53.324.

16, Morgan Hamm, 50.945.

x-17, Gatson, 38.537.

x-completed four of six events

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