Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Trump puts his name on 'World' magazine

By Peter Johnson
USA Today

He has cornered a good chunk of the real estate market in Manhattan. His hit NBC reality show, The Apprentice, has made Donald Trump a household name.

So what's a smart businessman to do to cash in while the market's hot for all things Trump?

If you're The Donald, you relaunch Trump World, a slick, glossy, bimonthly vanity magazine that he has tested twice with clients in his hotels and condos.

Only this time, you redesign and sell it on newsstands to average folks who may aspire to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, with insider stuff on The Apprentice and stories on adopting a luxurious way of life.

"I figured we conquered the TV business, so I guess we have to go magazines now, right?" Trump says.

"It's really a branding thing," Trump says, and the target audience "is an affluent reader. Very high end. It's a reader that buys a lot, that spends a lot of money."

But editor/publisher Michael Jacobson says Trump World, which hits stands in September, will "appeal to both" regular people and those in Trump's properties. Trump "is the human logo," Jacobson says. "There's no better person out there" to launch a new title.

"It's striking while the iron is hot," says Samir Husni, a magazine professor at the University of Mississippi. "Nobody is thinking long-term."

Husni says Trump is going mass-market, selling to anyone willing to shell out $5.95. "Everyone wants to be rich and famous. He's giving them a vehicle: 'Be just like me.'"

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