Saturday, July 3, 2004

BCS might give more weight to human polls

By Ralph D. Russo
The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Bowl Championship Series officials are considering a proposal in which the media and coaches' polls would account for 80 percent of the formula that determines the title game matchup, a BCS source said Friday.

The BCS is changing its formula for the upcoming season, hoping to simplify and improve a system that left college football with two national champions last season.

In one of the latest proposals, the AP media poll and USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll each would count for 40 percent of the BCS standings, the source said on condition of anonymity. An average of six or seven computer polls would make up the final 20 percent.

Other formulas are still being considered, the source said, including one that counts the three components (media, coaches and computer rankings) as one-third each.

Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg declined to give details on the formulas being considered.

Weiberg has said the BCS plans to put greater emphasis on the human polls and eliminate components such as bonus points for quality wins and strength of schedule.

The new formulas being studied also would take into account the number of votes a team receives, not just its rank in the polls. Weiberg said the BCS wants to unveil its new math in about two weeks. The BCS was criticized last season when LSU and Southern California finished as co-champs. USC was ranked first in both human polls at the end of the regular season, but third in the BCS standings.

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