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A year later, 3CDC takes stock
A Cincinnati private development group known by its catchy moniker has raised more than a few eyebrows during its first year.
Key dates for 3CDC

What happened to the fireworks?
The stock market had plenty to celebrate in the second quarter. It simply chose not to. The story was only slightly better among Enquirer 80 stocks: 48 stocks rose, 32 fell, but only 42 beat the performance of the S&P 500.

Look Who's Talking: Ed Alf III
The Fourth of July weekend marks the unofficial beginning of the peak season for recreational boating in Greater Cincinnati, and despite the summer's high fuel prices, this year is no different. Ed Alf III, president of Sea Ray of Cincinnati, a boat sales and service company that employs 40 people, sees boat sales trending upward this year thanks to an uptick in the economy.

They help kids in Bible school
Thousands of Tristate children will attend a vacation Bible school program this summer, and many of them will be among the 3 million children worldwide who use an educational package produced in Greater Cincinnati.

Queen City Rewind
The week in business news in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

In your opinion
The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates. How will it affect you? Will you earn more on savings? Will you pay more for your credit cards or other debt? Will it change your mind on buying a house? Will it affect how you invest in your business? Please contact John Byczkowski at 513-768-8377, or email him at

Business meetings this week
Announcements of meetings and seminars, and instructions for listing your event.

Business People
Promotions & new on the job.
Eckberg: Trust makes for great jobs
The Great Place to Work Institute Inc. of San Francisco charges $900 for any small or medium company that hopes to receive the institute's coveted annual designation as a top place to work.
Sick time can make employers scramble
In this slowly recovering economy, illness among workers sends a shiver down employers' spines like never before.
Health insurance bane of small firms
Businesswoman Rochelle Balch struggles with a daily challenge: how to afford health insurance for her workers and still keep profits high.
Technology exists to boost U.S. gas mileage
WASHINGTON - Americans don't have to drive tiny cars to save big amounts of gasoline.
Business notes

Has your job been sent off-shore?
The Enquirer would like to hear from you. If you know of any companies in the Cincinnati area that have transferred jobs or outsourced work -- at the expense of local jobs -- to nations wiph lower labor costs, please e-mail us.

Special Report: P&G's Russian Frontier
In a three-day series, The Enquirer's Cliff Peale reports from Russia on Procter & Gamble's manufucturing and marketing drive there and the implications for Greater Cincinnati.
Booming market bears potential and challenge
It's not like Kroger: 'Stores' make selling a challenge
New economy holds instability and risk
Overseas sales have big impact back home
Making cleaning products, two worlds meet
Q&A: Former dancer takes giant leap
Europe teaches lessons about style
Vanity products are a gamble for Procter

Erpenbeck archive
William Erpenbeck Jr. spent a decade building a company that crumbled in months. Once one of the Tristate's biggest home builders, the Erpenbeck Co. succumbed to a bank fraud that affected lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.