Sunday, July 11, 2004

Letters to the editor

Matta's apologies fall flat - he lied

Apparently Thad Matta doesn't know the definition of the word "apologize." After repeatedly saying, "I'm not a candidate" he then apologized by saying, "Things can get twisted," "I was confused" and "During that time, in my mind, I wasn't a candidate." Matta lied, or at the very least deceived the Enquirer, the university and the public.

Does anyone begrudge Matta for taking this job? I doubt it; but it is a shame that we live in a society where the easiest way out is to lie or deceive with no repercussions.

Gary Ziegelmeyer, Hebron


Matta offer shows why tuition so high

As a parent with teenagers soon ready to attend college, I read with dismay the contract details between Ohio State University and their new basketball coach Thad Matta.

As colleges cry out for more state aid and higher tuition each year because they can't make ends meet, it is a wonder OSU can afford to pay the basketball coach a multimillion-dollar contract.

As parents work second jobs and take out loans in order to send their children to college, it is at least nice to see where their money is being used - to sell basketball tickets.

Steve Silver, Anderson Township


Vasectomy policy must be ended

To Family Court Judge Michael "Mickey" Foellger, regarding your policy of offering vasectomies as an alternative to jail time ("Vasectomy orders," July 8): While I recognize that your intentions may be good, I remind you that the ends do not justify the means. The "choice" that you give these men disregards their free will, which results in a government coercion to sterilization. I find this unacceptable in a civilized society. This country has long since moved past the days of eugenics. This policy, however, is a step backward. I agree with you that these "deadbeat" parents are a problem, but that problem is not solved by surgical mutilation of their reproductive organs. This denies the human dignity that these individuals possess (whether they recognize it or not).

I urge you to put an end to this policy at once. You spoke to one of my classes at Highlands just over 10 years ago, and you struck me as an exceptionally intelligent man. I have no doubt that with a little reflection, you will find a much more appropriate solution to this issue.

Eric McIntosh, Southgate


Give voters voice on tax increase

"Tax increases to pay for life squad services" (July 4 Kentucky Enquirer), which said property taxes in Independence could double, has me upset. I did not vote on this, nor did my neighbor. What is the deal? Wasn't there a war started because of taxation without representation?

Tom Oliver, Independence


Halliburton question needlessly pesky

The writer of the letter "Issues, not expletives, matters most" (July 4) suggested that Vice President Dick Cheney was wrong to use expletives because questions about Halliburton are valid to ask. He is making the common mistake by thinking that just because Democrats repeat the same question ad nauseam, that means the question has not already been satisfactorily answered.

Cheney has addressed the Halliburton issue. No impropriety has been found by anyone. Democrats just keep asking the question because they know that many people, like this man, will assume the worst as long as the question continues to be asked - and, clearly, just to irritate Cheney.

Brian Willis, Union Township


'9/11' film not worth wasting time on

I am amused by the letter writers who urge us to take seriously Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary. One writer even implies that the administration's failure to challenge the facts of the documentary lends credibility to it. Give us a break.

These folks are either incredibly naive or think that we are. Even very liberal pundits are describing the documentary as stupid, trashy, untruthful and so on. I don't have the time to waste on watching such tripe, nor do I wish to further line Moore's pockets and reward him for generating this rubbish.

Ben Wickemeier, Sharonville

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