Sunday, July 11, 2004

On new tour, Incubus vows every show will be different

By Kerry Smith
The Associated Press

Incubus has been working at the rock 'n' roll game for so long, they've decided it's time for something different. But luckily for fans, that change doesn't involve band members or musical direction - they're simply switching up their already explosive live set.

"We have so many different records and songs to choose from, that we're playing different sets now," singer Brandon Boyd said of the band's show, which will hit the U.S. Bank Arena on Friday. "We'll have a couple different set models where eight or 10 songs will be different every night. And we're improvising more."

Boyd and his band mates, who released the album A Crow Left of Murder earlier this year, are excited about revisiting songs they haven't played in some time.

"We're doing a lot of stuff that we recorded but never put on any records that a lot of hard-core fans know about from the Internet and from talking to each other," Boyd said.

Incubus' revised set lists include old fan favorites like "Crowded Elevator" and songs from their debut album, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. When they're not writing set lists, Incubus band mates pass the time on the tour bus by watching DVDs and exploring cities on their itinerary.

An avid amateur photographer, Boyd always makes sure to pack his cameras. He often sneaks away from the bus to explore the cities where they are playing. "I'm an avid walker," he said.

"I love getting out, and when we have a day off, I'll walk until I can't walk anymore."

Announced opening act the Vines has dropped off the tour and has been replaced by Sparta.

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