Sunday, July 11, 2004

Volunteer Spotlight: Lynda Thomas

You can attend a fund-raiser on any weekend in Cincinnati and chances are you'll see Lynda Thomas. If she's not chairing the event, she's on the committee.

As a University of Cincinnati student, Lynda came to Cincinnati from Greenville, Pa., a small town just over the Ohio-Pennsylvania line. From her home at the new Riverfront Terrace, Thomas now calls the Cincinnati banks of the Ohio River home.

First love: "The theater. I could go three or four times a week."

In her 11th year as a board member of the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Thomas has chaired its annual fund-raiser, Abracadabra, four times. She also chaired the reopening of the renovated Playhouse in 1997.

Other board work: Cincinnati Parks Foundation, New Thought Unity Center and People Working Cooperatively. Formerly, she served on the boards of AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati (AVOC), the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Film Commission.

Events she's headed: Cincinnati Parks Foundation's Butterfly Gala, AVOC's Night Against AIDS, the Film Commission's Hollywood Does Halloween and People Working Cooperatively's Oscar Night.

Why she gets involved: "I love Cincinnati. I want to give back to the community."

What she brings to a group: "Fun and energy."

Newest endeavor: Having developed a visual impairment three years ago, Thomas has become involved with the public relations committee of the Cincinnati Association for the Blind.

Best thing about volunteerism: "My wide circle of friends" met through the various organizations.

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