Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stewart getting shoddy
treatment Schott did


An injustice is about to continue occurring with the sentencing of Martha Stewart. According to the so-called "fair" practices of U.S. sentencing guidelines, she is going to spend 10 to 16 months in prison for her "crime" of selling her Imclone stock. Does it matter to anyone that she has lost in excess of $300 million, as well as the position of president of her own company over this fiasco of headline-grabbing by the "judicial system" and media?

I see a lot of the prejudices in these events that I unfortunately had to see Major League Baseball and the media levy against Marge Schott. It is too late to do right by Marge since she has passed on. Let us hope we can do right by Martha before this happens with her. In addition, what is true in each case is that the "little people" who have been hurt by the injustices meted out to Marge and Martha - Reds fans, smaller-dollar stockholders, retail stores and their employees. Enough is enough.

Kevin Ragle
Symmes Township

No Ohio State tuition goes to sports

A letter writer expressed dismay at the salary Ohio State offered new coach Thad Matta and accused the university of diverting funds to lure him ("Matta offer shows why tuition so high," July 11). The truth is Ohio State's athletic department is one of the few in the nation that is entirely self-sufficient financially. While 60 percent of Division I schools charge student fees to help subsidize sports, OSU, on the other hand, sustains the largest athletic department in the country (36 varsity sports) without aid from the university's general fund. Coaches' salaries, student-athletes' tuition, facility construction and maintenance - none are subsidized through student tuition.

George Knoske
Anderson Township

Matta should've been given ticket

The writer of the letter "Matta offer shows why tuition so high" (July 11) is right to be concerned about the amount of money paid college coaches. But I'm just as concerned about Thad Matta having been given a pass after having been stopped for speeding by a police officer who reportedly let him off after she learned he was the new head basketball coach at her school, Ohio State ("Matta's decision took awhile; driving didn't," July 10).

How about that, sports fans and other concerned citizens?

Emil Dansker

Luken hits jackpot with Kentuckian

I strongly support Mayor Charlie Luken in his efforts to bring gambling to Hamilton County. The government should back Luken in his efforts. There are such a great possibilities with economic growth and job opportunities for not only Hamilton County, but also for across the river.

Northern Kentucky businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, would capitalize from the opportunities. Unlike Lawrenceburg and Rising Sun, people already visit Cincinnati for the attractions; why not give them something else to do? You tell me what would be better than spending the day at a Reds game and the night at the casino with a bunch of friends.

Jamie P. Courtney
Williamstown, Ky.

No charges in animal case outrageous

I am sickened and outraged that an Oxford woman can escape jail time after abusing 30 innocent dogs ("Woman gives up dogs, not charged," July 13). The Butler County dog warden, Renee Jeffries, was quoted as saying, "We lost four dogs, but we have a good outcome for 26." Please. I adopted an abused dog, and after four years in a loving household, she still isn't right.

I say, on behalf of all animal lovers who spend hundreds annually feeding, inoculating, licensing and loving our pets, just punishment for this woman would be for her to go without food and water for a length of time. Let's pray no other pets find themselves owned by this poor excuse for a human.

Sherie Kelly
Colerain Township

Rx 'discount' plan saves nothing here

I'm just taking time to give thanks to my new Anthem Prescription Discount Program. Instead of paying $20 for my prescription (Celebrex), I am paying $80. Isn't this a great plan?

What is better, comfort or eating? If I go to Canada for drugs, I am cheating the drug companies' large profits.

God bless the U.S.A.

Charles Kloth

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