Keep Ohio pledge for stadiums
Hamilton County's plea that it is still owed $14 million from Ohio for Cincinnati's two new stadiums should not fall victim to lawmakers' petty personality clashes and political payback.

Huggins must correct his mistakes
Bob Huggins has been offered a second chance. His indefinite suspension as head coach of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball team will have lasted 76 days when he returns to work Aug. 27.

Winners and losers
Winner: Everyone knows that Wimbledon is the big name in tennis. But come August, Cincinnati will break out its best backhands and forehands and shine in its own tennis spotlight.

Letters to the editor
Biggest terror threats don't fly aboard planes.

Rookwood just part of Norwood answer
In a recent letter to the Enquirer ("2 Rookwoods, but Norwood on the brink?," July 6), the writer expressed puzzlement as to why Norwood, with "two Rookwood developments," was still experiencing financial difficulties.

Rolling the dice
It's long been the subject of debate in Ohio. Should the state allow casino gambling? But in recent weeks the stakes have been raised higher. With Pennsylvania last week legalizing slot-machine gambling and Indiana casinos expanding, Ohio is now bordered on two sides with states that allow casino-style gambling. In today's Forum, Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken and David Zanotti, president of the Ohio Roundtable, debate whether the state should approve casino gambling.
Pro: Casino will give city new energy
Con: Do the math: Casinos hurt us
Letters: Casino idea floats for some, not for others

Cradle to College: Investing in the future of Kentucky
If the cost of sending your kids to college seems to be spiraling out of your reach, you may not be alone. As tuition has increased at a rate greater than inflation over the past two decades, financial support for public higher education has not kept up.

Let's Talk: Smoking ban
Cincinnati officials have begun inquiries into extending the city's smoking restrictions to bars, restaurants, bingo halls and bowling alleys. This comes after Columbus City Council on June 28 passed a tough new ban for the state capital. Hundreds of restaurants in the Cincinnati area already have gone smoke-free, and many cities, including New York, Toledo and Lexington, have passed total bans on indoor tobacco smoking. But some entertainment business owners here claim a total ban will drive their customers out of the city. What do you think? Send us your thoughts in 100 words or fewer, with your photo if possible, to Cincinnati Smoking Ban, Editorial Page, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; e-mail to letters@enquirer.com; or fax (513) 768-8610.

Survivors network: It's time to get an accounting
David Clohessy is the national director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests). Clohessy said a priest molested him and his brothers as children, and that one of his brothers grew up to become a priest who is also a sexual abuser.

Voice of the Faithful: Seeking changes
Jim Muller, a physician who battled nuclear weapons, has turned his attention to the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. He is a founder and former president of Voice of the Faithful, one of several grassroots, lay organizations formed in the wake of the clergy sex abuse in the Church.

'Voices' hope to empower laity
One response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis, which is currently erupting in the Catholic Church in Cincinnati, has been the development of a national organization called Voice of the Faithful (VOTF). Currently there are more than 30,000 members and 181 affiliates across the United States.

Speak out now
So far at least 10 former students have filed suit alleging sexual abuse at the hands of former Elder High School Principal Lawrence Strittmatter.

How to contact your congressman
E-mail and Web page links, phone numbers and addresses for Tristate representatives.