Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hot Corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

Martha in orange not a good thing

Taking a cue from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart said, "I'll be back" after her sentencing hearing Friday morning in New York.

Convicted March 5 of obstructing justice, conspiracy and making false statements related to the sale of ImClone Systems stock in late 2001, Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison and five months of home confinement. Stewart remains free pending an appeal.

Outside the courtroom, people held "Free Martha" posters and with good reason. She's going to an austere federal prison. So much for decorating jail cells.

And jumpsuit orange? Well, that's so last fall.

Losing Los Alamos

Here we go again.

During the Clinton administration, Taiwan-born American scientist Wen Ho Lee of Los Alamos National Laboratory was accused of downloading the "crown jewels" of U.S. nuclear defense secrets and putting them on an unsecured computer subject to hackers or worse.

The lab's latest security breach triggered a halt to all classified research while investigators inventory "sensitive" nuclear weapons data. Last week, two data storage devices containing classified information went missing and had not been found late last week.

Similar material was reported missing in May. Lab officials later claimed it was just faulty paperwork, and that the material was destroyed as intended.

This far into the war on terrorism, should we still be guessing the whereabouts of classified nuclear weapons secrets?

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Hot Corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

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