Sunday, July 18, 2004

Letters to the editor

Huggins punishment seems like vacation

This is punishment? ("Huggins cleared to resume duties," July 16) Looks as if the University of Cincinnati gave Bob Huggins a three-month paid vacation. Nice timing!

Jean Morgan, Delhi Township


Allen wins a fan forever in Texas

Please extend my heartfelt All-Star thank you to John Allen, chief executive officer of the Reds.

I'm a Reds fan. I obtained standing room only tickets to the All-Star game through the Major League Baseball lottery. Unfortunately, four days before the game, I underwent knee surgery to replace a torn ligament (injured playing baseball). Allen found me in the standing-room section, wearing a Johnny Bench jersey, on crutches with my knee in a brace - and presented my friend and me with two of his tickets so we could be more comfortable during the game.

Alfonso Soriano may have won the Most Valuable Player award, but I vote for John Allen. The Reds Media Guide reports that he has been honored with the Certificate of Friendship. He made a friend for life Tuesday.

Rob Zane, Plano, Texas


Schools defend '2B' shorthand in logo

Some readers of Jennifer Mrozowski's excellent July 10 story about Cincinnati Public Schools' summer outreach campaign have questioned our decision to use the text-messaging abbreviation for the words "to be" in the campaign's logo, "It's Cool 2B in School." These readers apparently believe that nonstandard language usage is inappropriate in all communications directed at students, no matter what the communications "genre." We disagree.

A slogan or logo - whether for this campaign or for a Fortune 500 company - is not a Shakespearean play. It frequently involves some type of abbreviation and aims to catch attention. It's a form of communication shorthand that's become part of the parlance of American society.

People who don't believe our students are capable of understanding the difference between the language of a logo and the language of a term paper don't give our students enough credit (and probably haven't been paying close enough attention to the Enquirer's recent news stories and editorials about CPS' rising test scores).

A final note: The deliberate misspelling of the word "school" by the Enquirer is not part of the CPS logo.

Janet Walsh, Department of School and Community Engagement, Cincinnati Public Schools


Fountain as park center would work

Regarding the letter "Don't move fountain out of prominent view" (July 13): The Tyler Davidson Fountain should indeed be kept as the focal point of downtown, and the proposed changes that would retain it as the center of a park area are appropriate. The letter suggests that trees would detract from the fountain, but in fact returning to a park-like setting would be more in keeping with the original plan for the fountain than the concrete wasteland that now surrounds it.

We can not re-create the original setting, complete with the Albee Theater, but we can at least allow the fountain to be the focal point for a new green space that would be a great replacement to the ugly concrete of our current Fountain Square.

Martha Adams, Mount Lookout


West Chester group only wants a vote

Sunday's local section wrongly labeled Let Us Vote West Chester, or LUV West Chester, as opponents of the proposed recreation center ("W. Chester group wants say," July 11). LUV West Chester is a proponent of getting this decision made by the community; the opposition is to the board of trustees taking the position that, since they can fund this $33 million endeavor without seeking a levy, this long-term investment should be made without seeking voter approval.

I can speak only for myself in saying that if the majority of the residents of West Chester voted for the center, then I would be satisfied that this is the will of the people and would be solidly behind it.

Dan Wagner, West Chester Township


We could use a leader like Blair

Recently I read that Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair says he accepts "full personal responsibility" for any errors in presentation of intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities before the war. That is true leadership. Where is ours?

Tom Doetschman, Springfield Township

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