Monday, July 19, 2004


Your new 'it' dog might await at shelter

As a dog volunteer at an animal shelter, I was disheartened to read about "The new 'it' dog" (July 8). Now Boston terriers will join the ranks of other overbred dogs, such as Dalmatians, because there is a buck to be made. Please visit an animal shelter to adopt a dog. Many are there because their owners decided they no longer want to care for a dog. There are many wonderful and loving dogs at the shelter I work at, and most are housebroken.

More than 30,000 adoptable dogs and cats are put to death each year in Greater Cincinnati. Let's work together to be part of the solution. Dogs are not fashion accessories.

Amy Elsaesser

Most liberals neither rich nor elitist

Kudos and thanks should go to syndicated columnist Tom Teepen for his column "Notes from Ohio-bred 'liberal elitist'" (July 10). Having been raised with a similar background myself, I've often wondered where this idea comes form that anyone who's not a conservative is part of an elite group with lots of money.

My grandfather was a Baptist preacher and farmer; my dad retired after 40 years in a paper factory, and most all the women in my extended family are/were housewives. My sociopolitical beliefs come from many years of studying the issues, keeping myself well-informed, remembering things politicians said and/or did 20 or more years ago and "connecting the dots." I'm a liberal and proud of it, and the insulting words of name-calling conservatives can't hurt me or the millions of other liberals who are neither rich nor elitist.

Rene McKinstry

Kings schools do healthy favor for kids

Hats off to the Kings Local School District for making the decision to put the health of their students first. On July 15, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the district's Nutrition/Fitness Committee has worked hard to make healthier food options available to their students. With the obesity rates in our country rising at an alarming rate, I applaud them for looking at and changing their cafeterias.

As a former elementary educator and as a mom, I know that when given healthy foods, our children will eat them. Nearly one-third of cancer deaths in the United States are related to nutritional factors, physical inactivity and excess weight. Thank you to the Kings Local School District for making a difference in the lives of your students.

Jill Raleigh
Executive director, American Cancer Society, Southwest Ohio

'Death with dignity' is suicide by poison

Syndicated columnist Nicholas Kristof's defense of Oregon's Soylent Green-like "death with dignity" law ("Oregon vision on death worth emulating," July 15) was emotionally compelling, with its tale of the terminally ill man who takes his own life, but it was deficient in terms of honesty, morality and ethics.

A substance administered or ingested with the intent to cause death would not be called a "medicine," but poison. Such an act would not be called "death with dignity," but suicide.

Kristof carefully avoided using either the words poison or suicide.

Bill Banchy
Anderson Township

We must have elections no matter what

Concerns about changing the upcoming presidential election are circulating in Washington. If done, by an act of Congress, we have given in to the terrorists. I say hold the elections as we have in the past; take a stand on the home front just as our troops are doing in combat. Why let a few take away our right to hold elections on our own terms and not those dictated by outside interests?

Paul Pohler

Gas gougers make everything expensive

Every so often, some genius comes on board to inform us morons that the price of gasoline is acceptable because milk, orange juice and bottled water are also very expensive ("$2 a gallon not unreasonable for gas," July 12). They usually leave out the fact that everything else is also very expensive.

Why are these things so expensive? Because the cost of fuels affects the cost of everything that is manufactured, packaged and/or shipped. When looking at the weekly spikes in fuel prices and following the production of oil around the world, it is obvious that the cost of production has nothing to do with this week's jump. It is merely gouging on the part of those who sell us our gasoline.

Clayton Blackwell
Anderson Township

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