Saturday, July 24, 2004

Map of sculptures



J. Seward Johnson, Jr. Sculpture Exhibit (Squares)

Johnson’s sculptures often elicit double-takes from pedestrians because of their life-like qualities. The 20 pieces on display in Hamilton feature men, women and children peforming everyday tasks, from mowing the lawn to crossing the street.

1. A Little to the Right ... couple with binoculars
2. Allow Me ... man with umbrella
3. Ambassador of the Streets ... woman walking dog
4. Big Sister ... girl tying sister’s shoe
5. Contact ... man and woman embracing
6. Fall ... man with rake
7. Far Out ... seated boy lost in thought
8. Time to go fishing ... man with lawnmower
9. Hero ... girl signing boy’s cast
10. Just a Taste ... two girls sharing ice cream
11. Life At A Proper Distance ... mother with child in knapsack
12. Point of View ... man standing reading newspaper
13. Second Hand News ... two men sharing a newspaper
14. Sidewalk Concert ... street musician playing violin
15. Tied Up ... man tying his shoe
16. Uninvited Advice ... woman painting with an onlooker
17. Waiting to Cross ... girl with stop sign
18. Weekend Painter ... man standing with paint can in hand
19. Yuck, Go Fetch ... man with dog and frisbee
20. Yum Yum ... seated little girl eating a sandwich


Permanent Sculptures (Circles)
1. Victory, the Jewel of the Soul (aka Billy Yank) by Rudolph F. Theim
2. Legacy of Literature by Rosalind Cook
3. Firefighter Memorial by George Danhires
4. First Ride by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
5. Shared Vision by Fred Browstein
6. Spring by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
7. Hanna by L’Deanne Trueblood
8. Space Tower by Edgar Tafur
9. Lentil by Nancy Schon
10. Snapshot by Jane DeDecker
11. Hebem Nymph of Streams and Brooks, reproduction of an original work by Bertel Thorbaldsen
12. Double Dancer by Dennis Sohocki
13. The Hamilton Gateway by Andrea Myklebust and Stanton G. Sears
14. Hole in the Earth: Symmes Monument, artist unknown (not shown)
15. Butler County Peace Officer Memorial by The Hamilton Gateway by Andrea Myklebust and Stanton G. Sears (not shown)
16. Untitled by George Washington Junior High School art teachers Joyce St. John and Lisa Walle and students of the school (not shown)
17. Community by Stuart Fink (not shown)
18. Passages by Phillip Joseph (not shown)
19. Wind Forest by Lyman Whitaker (not shown)
20. Someday by Rosalind Cook (not shown)
21. Pioneer Family by Jarrett Hawkins
22. Star Formation by Dennis Baker
23. Come Unto Me by Rosalind Cook
24. No Child Left Behind by Jarrett Hawkins
25. American Cape by Kristen Visbal
26. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park by various artists

City of sculpture
Artist in residence: Dennis C. Baker
By the numbers
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Map of sculptures

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